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POWER TO CREATE | Astro Bulletin September 16–22

The mega bunch of planets in Virgo is starting to spread out and get some air, and Mercury and Venus are already into the air sign of Libra, so we should begin to take some deeper breaths this week too.

With the commencement of Libra energy is a feeling of options. Mercury can think logically here, weighing the pros and cons of a situation in a more logic-based manner, though Monday’s opposition to Chiron might make us feel a little insecure in our thinking processes. Are we being the “right” kind of logical or neglecting details? Remember that although Libra is an air sign, it is a Venusian sign, and as such the priority is what matters most and what brings the most joy.

Speaking of Venus, she will also oppose Chiron mid-week, giving us insight into why we do hold certain things as priorities. Where have we learned lessons and healed wounds in our past in order to come to the understanding that x, y, and z matter the most? Can you find beauty in your own journey?

The cosmos are also offering us some serious fighting power this week as well that we may choose to access. Mars and Pluto, arguably the most intense planets, are aspecting each other in a way that we can channel towards manifestation, since they’re coming together in not only the earth signs, but Mars is in Mercurial Virgo. We can take advantage of this aspect to put small practices into place and modify our day-to-day in order to transform our lives into something aspirational. Don’t forget the power of the mind and daily actions, and don’t be afraid to completely overhaul your approach to your daily life.

This aspect will be most potent Monday through Thursday, but especially Wednesday night when the moon will join the aspect in Taurus to create an exact grand earth trine. Use this magical energy to put your emotions behind your desires in order to manifest them. We already possess the full spectrum of emotions, including the one that you want to feel from acquiring your thing. Feel into it right now, without fear or shame.

The grand trine happens to be less than a day after Saturn moves direct, signaling that it’s time to put the work that we have been doing on ourselves into motion. Spin the top and don’t hold back anymore!

Saturday and Sunday are the last two days of Virgo month, so take the powerful energy of this week and decide where it’s going to go. Be discerning. Clean out your closet, life, and emotional junk drawer. Make room for Venusian beauty in your life that the Universe has awaiting you with your name on it!

Card Pull

What action should we take this week and what energy should we bring to that action? The Ace of Wands is a new beginning, and it’s one that starts from our passions. Let your passion and zest drive your next steps. I felt compelled to pull from my “Earth Magic” oracle deck because of the earthy grand trine this week. Much like the duality of the tides, I think there’s a duality to the significance of this card this week. Not only should we be flexible enough to ebb and flow with the Universe in our pursuit to manifest a beautiful life, but we should also remember this: We are brought to our passions and desires directly by the divine. How can you ebb and flow with the divine’s goals for you? How can you release your own control and let the tide of God pull you in the right direction?

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