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QUALITY OF LIFE | Astro Bulletin August 26–September 1

Updated: Sep 1, 2019

You guys, there is SO MUCH Virgo energy this week. It could be a really good week for Beyonce.

Every single one of the personal planets—i.e. the ones that have the closest and most tangible effect on us—are out in the field harvesting the wheat this week.

Furthermore, they’re all making an aspect to Uranus in Taurus.

So let’s get into what it all means.

The lesson of Virgo month in general, but this week really specifically, is making upgrades and improvements to our lifestyles. This Mercurial sign is less concerned about the bigger picture and huge plans, and cares more about making sure the day-to-day is up to snuff. With all the personal planets in there this week, we’re taking this assignment very, well, personally, looking at the opportunities we have to improve how we take care of our minds, bodies, and spirits. Even though the moon is our emotional self, and we certainly need to pay attention to how we take care of it, the Virgo stuff in trine with Uranus is not looking for an overly emotional response to the edits we’re doing. It’s more a matter of, okay, let’s identify what’s not freakin’ working anymore, and let’s just take care of it. *wipes hands*

The Universe is a vast place, and often our minds are so wrapped up in the vastness that we forget about the smaller details. When we get stuck trying to figure out the end destination, the huge dreams, we lose track of what’s happening before us right now. We are spiritual beings, sure, but we’re also human beings, and the human experience is also a literal and physical one. The vastness of the Universe and of time is impossible for us to understand, but we can understand when we’re not living the best lifestyle.

We know when the house stinks, we stink, and the monotony of our daily obligations and “shoulds” stinks. And while the stench is most definitely the result of a larger energetic imbalance, sometimes you need to address the stink itself and clean up your environment to start addressing that energetic imbalance.

There’s a new Virgo moon Friday at about 2:45 AM West Coast time. It’s a magical door swinging open to an entire closet of amazing name-brand cleaning products that we can reach into to start cleaning, refining, and upgrading each aspect of our daily life, making that daily life so much more beautiful, livable, and conducive to joy. This new moon is happening right on Mars’s lap and looking across the room at Uranus, so there’s power and intention behind it that we can all harness and channel towards our own personal desire to life beautifully. It’s an opportunity to identify what you don’t like, what isn’t making you happy and healthy and vibrant, and Magic Erasering the crap out of it, Mr. Clean style.

Then over the weekend, we can find the emotional and mental balance that comes from a balanced and positive approach to living. We can start to heal the stories we told ourselves about why it wasn’t worth the time or effort to wake up everyday happy and motivated to do life, and start making the shifts needed right now!

Card Pull

LESSON/ACTION/ENERGY. Our lesson this week is to approach life like the Page of Swords. From the very beginning, starting with the basics. As I’m writing this, I watched my 2-month-old son reach his hand up and swat a dangly toy on this activity mat. He’s just learning how to control his arms. While we all probably know how to control our arms, the message is to examine the rudimentary and fundamental actions we’re taking each day. How we feed ourselves, move ourselves, what tasks are on our to-do. That’s the kind of stuff we’re needing to examine and decide if it serves or not. The Emperor is the action we need to take. He’s sitting on a throne with ram heads on it—Aries, who also starts at the beginning. He’s serious and strong in his approach. We are the emperors of our own lives. We must be fair to ourselves and our own shortcomings and where we’re still improving, but we also must expect more from ourselves and make the cuts where they need to be made. Lean into the energy of this eagle card and find communion with the divine, who gave you this life and this body, and who would love it if you respected it and took care of it. While the focus is on what’s tangibly in front of us, remember that our daily life is still the result of a larger spiritual connection, and it really helps to be present and discover the divine’s presence in each moment and thing.

Energy Rx

Think of at least one item that’s on your daily “to do,” some sort of obligation or “should” that you’ve put on yourself but that is draining the very life out of you, and figure out how to eliminate it and open up that space. Journal about it.

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