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READY FOR A NEW START | Astro Bulletin April 29–May 5

It’s going to be a muddy start to the week. And by that I mean we have the Moon swimming through Pisces, contacting Neptune and giving us some much-needed foresight into the Universe’s plan, plus our Sun being in earthy Taurus, lighting up our physical reality and what we desire to create most in our lives--water and earth=mud. While these two energies can work really well together and we may start getting some stuff figured out, Mars is still going to be shouting at us from Gemini in such a way that we want to start frantically multi-tasking without direction. Try to just relax for a sec and listen to your intuition about divinely guided action to take rather than sprinting in a hamster wheel.

Because Mother Moon is running through Aries mid-week, that intensity is going to continue. Emotionally we might feel overstimulated and like we might explode all the way through Friday. Remember we have more ish happening in Aries’ fellow cardinal sign Capricorn that in the long-term has been asking us to reevaluate the entire structure of our lives. That stuff weighing on us plus the giant fireball of the Moon’s transit through Aries could just be a LOT. Just being honest with you all here. Do everything you can this week to create a calm atmosphere in your life and your home. You’re going to need it.

The wild ride isn’t quite over even when the Moon finally breaks into Taurus on Friday afternoon, because she’s going to roll over zany Uranus on her way to meet up with the Sun for our New Moon. After the crazy emotional rollercoaster of the week, this might just feel like the final straw before you say “EFF THIS,” and do what the Universe is constantly asking us to do: Go with the dang flow and let stuff resolve itself, even if you life looks like some bizarre abstract modern art painting at the end.

The New Moon is happening officially at about 3:45 PM West Coast time on Saturday. The week’s festivities are culminating in our desire to start anew in some area of our life, specifically something having to do with our physical experience and what we value. Have you been skimping somewhere for one reason or another? Well, this is the time to stop doing that and start making space for the thing you ACTUALLY want. The New Moon is in an aspect to Neptune, which adds a spiritual flavor. We are being encouraged to go within, to the deep and dark crevices of ourselves (I mean, a New Moon means there’s no light, so you get how this works) and ask our soul, “Is this what I want? Does this mean everything to me or nothing to me?”

Sunday’s New Moon hangover might come with an air of wanting to get started in creating those changes. With Moon herself finishing in Taurus as well as stuff happening in Aries, we could feel motivated and ready to go. Try not to let that translate into manic anxiousness though. (Said the air sign, royal duchess of anxiousness). Instead, use the grounded nature of our Taurus month to formulate your logical approach and begin moving confidently one step at a time.

Energy Rx

Amethyst. A pretty little calming stone, Amethyst not only is ideal for chilling us out, but it also is helpful for divine connection (i.e. a boost of faith that everything will be just fine). Don’t we need that this week?

Picture c/o Energy Muse

Card Pull

The Moon. Talk about going with the flow. In the face of some crazy energy this week, the tarot is reminding us to find peace and flow and allow things to wash over us. Also, the Moon is representative of our intuitive connection—something that goes beyond just our day-to-day and physical experience. So when things are looking bananas down here on earth, remember that, as a spiritual being, you can transport yourself to an experience that is beyond what’s in front of you. How do you do that? Prayer, meditation, and simply a mindful decision to truly embody your status as a divinely created being with a higher power on your side making sure that you’ll get through this.

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