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Release the weight | Astro Bulletin September 30–October 6

You know that feeling when you’re exercising and the weight that seemed easy enough to pick up when you started the set now feels heavier than ever at the end and you don’t know how you could possibly do one more rep? Do you ever feel like there’s something in your life bearing down on you with heavier and heavier weight and you are getting more irate that it’s holding you back from fully experiencing greatness and beauty and all the other happy synonyms?

This week it’s time to finally confront it because its weight is officially too heavy. You cannot pick it up one more time.

The Libra new moon has grown into a Scorpio moon, which will then grow to Sagittarius and Capricorn as the week progresses. With the sun in a sign as airy as Libra, why does everything feel serious? Remember that Libra also represents perfect balance; there’s an equal ounce of darkness for every ounce of light. And in order to fully appreciate the light, we need to first confront that darkness.

Pluto begins going direct, followed shortly by Mercury entering Scorpio, followed shortly again by Mars entering Libra. This cosmic dance of the planets is showing us that the time has come to be proactive in alleviating the weight. Pluto is moving our transformative powers, while Mars in Libra is not only giving us masculine+feminine creationist power, but also shows us that we want our lives to be defined by beauty. However, in order to allow a redefinition to take place, we will be reminded that we have to release the weight first. We are inspired by the narrow focus on making our lives and ourselves into something wonderful (per our standards), and we want to take action to release and shape-shift into that life.

By the end of the week as we have a quarter moon, we’re reminded through the sense of heaviness and confusion that the reason we haven’t seen the full manifestation of our desires is because that weight is pushing it down.

Whereas as humans we often like to point the finger at external circumstances or people for our troubles, the lessons of this week are that whatever we see on the outside that’s ruffling our feathers is a result of something internal that needs addressing. The weight is in your hand, and you’re the only one who can put it down. You’ve done more than enough sets of this exercise. Consider the strength and wisdom that you’ve gained from it, and use it to your advantage, but remember you don’t have to continue to bear the weight.

Card Pull

The things that need releasing are the things that are blocking and obscuring our experience of a beautiful and free life. We can see what that life looks like, but we feel like we can’t get there because all this other BS is lined up and demanding our attention and energy. It’s time to pass judgment on those things from our perspective and the perspective of what we know that the divine desires for us. These things might work for someone else, or we may fear that someone else will be affected by our decision, but if we arrive at it lovingly, with the purest of intentions, and with willingness to be vulnerable and admit that we don’t know exactly how it will all play out, then God will work with us as we course-correct. We can gain support by not only relying on divine connection, but also by holding onto the one thing that we know is true, the thing that is our guiding source of inspiration. What are you trying to shape the rest of your life around? Don’t give up on it yet. You’re working diligently to let go of the weight and open up space to more fully connect to it.

Energy Rx

This is a great meditation that I discovered a few years ago. I might have already shared it in another bulletin, but here it is again. Start by getting into your favorite meditative state with candles, incense, calming crystals, whatever you like. Put some nice music on perhaps. In this meditation, you’re going to imagine yourself walking through a beautiful field and up a hill. As you walk, you realize there are rocks in your pockets. Drop them one at a time as you keep walking. You can assign something heavy from your life to the rocks as you drop them, or you can simply release that weight. Feel yourself becoming lighter and unencumbered as you make your trek to the top of the hill. Once you reach the top, rock-free, look down and see a beautiful sun-lit view. You might also associate this view with something in your life that you’re creating, or you might just take in the beauty and the joy.

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