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Sagittarius Month 2018 Sun Sun/Rising Sign Horoscopes

Updated: Jan 24, 2019

Watch my general message for Sagittarius month on my YouTube HERE.


This is a busy month for all of us, but will be especially so for you fire signs! When the Sun is in Sagittarius, it’s an especially lucky and expansive time for you, Aries.

The beginning of this month starts out with lots of planets meeting up in the sky, chit chatting with each other. Your mind will be focused on the idea of possibility and a yearn to go beyond what is in front of you right now and what you previously thought was possible. Here at the beginning, given Mars sextile to Saturn, you’ll be especially motivated to put in some work to improve your life and bring something new into it. The opposition between Uranus in your sign and Venus also brings up questions of relationships and partnerships: Are the people you are closest to in your life helping you to expand and become better? If not, what needs to change?

Your ruler, Mars, is making some interesting movements throughout the beginning of December as well, as Sagittarius month carries on. Don’t be surprised if you feel a little muffled or washed up. I know you want to do something right now in your life, but I’m willing you bet you aren’t so sure what that thing is. You might feel confused, and as the days go on, insecure. For being such an energetic go-getter, this is hella frustrating. Instead of letting it get to you, instead take that time to really assess if your immediate goals are in line with your long-term goals for your life, if you’re living up to your soul’s purpose, or if you’re wanting to just change for the sake of boredom. Finding some quiet meditative time to ask these questions can bring some much-needed clarity from your higher self/higher power that will help guide you towards the next step.


The busy-ness of this month is something that could stretch your patience, o sturdy Taurus. The theme of Sagittarius season for you is some vulnerability and reliance on the resources of others.

The first week of the Sun being in Sagittarius could bring up some new opportunities in this area—new investments perhaps, new lessons to be learned in how you sometimes have to trust and rely on others and not just yourself. Your ruler, Venus, will also be making an opposition to Uranus in such a way that it will again be asking you to examine your close relationships with others and decide if you are getting the kind of deep fulfillment that you desire from them. The kind of fulfillment that you can be secure enough in that you’re getting what you need on a day-to-day basis. If something’s off, what radical changes are you going to make to correct it?

As Mars is moving through Pisces, at the beginning of the month you might feel hella pensive and esoteric about this whole idea of your connections with others and your place in the world. This also comes with the risk of being completely confused about who to trust, who to keep with you on your journey, and what the next step is supposed to be. But finding some stillness to turn within often brings revelations and guidance.

The New Moon on the 6thcould bring you a new start, but it might be one that comes with a surprise ending to something else. As the old adage goes, when God slams a door shut, he often opens a window. Phew.

By the last week of the Sun being in Sagittarius though, the third week of December, Mercury will be going direct again and will be making a nice conjunction with Jupiter. Your creativity could very well see a boost with this transit, and you’ll start to understand what really needs to happen next, especially what connections need to be made next.


Hello, chatty Gemini. Given the busy energy of this month, especially here at the beginning, it should feel like business as usual for you, even with your ruler, Mercury, being in retrograde. With that detail, you’ll be inclined towards figuring it out for yourself, asking questions internally if you’re on the right track, rather than trying to get your fulfillment from others. Especially with the Full Moon on the 22ndin your sign, you’re going to feel like you might need to release something.

Relationships could also be highlighted for you this month. With the Sun and Jupiter coming to a conjunction, you could feel like things are starting to work really well for you in that area, thought remember that with Mercury in retrograde, you don’t want to get ahead of yourself. This is still a time for introspection and not putting the cart before the horse.

Towards the end of November, the Sun and Mars are going to be in a square configuration, which might be almost forcing you to consider the needs of others and whether your perspective is wide enough to accommodate them. I know you have a busy mind and you’re great at picking up all the details, but you also sometimes have a tendency to not appreciate the larger picture all at once. Perhaps you need to re-examine your worldview and how limiting yourself in that regard can be damaging to your closest relationships.

Mars and Mercury are going to continue making some interesting aspects through the first half of December, making all of us feel a little diffused. For you, it might really feel like you’re eager to seek fulfillment from others, but you’re not sure what that is supposed to be. If you are starting to understand that others count too, and you want to have an exchange of ideas with your groups of friends that is beneficial for all, then don’t get too frustrated. You may find that there is some very valuable guidance to be found by listening to the subtleties of what other people have to share with you, especially when the share their vulnerabilities and you share yours. Coming together over shared insecurities can turn into healing and power for all.


Hello, Cancer! It’s time to really put the focus on you this month. Your home, daily life, and health are highlighted. There’s going to be plenty of energy happening in the part of your sky that deals with these matters, so you’ll be inclined to focus your attention there. There’s something highly spiritual about taking care of your mind and body and making sure that the little things you do each day are true to who you are trying to become. Letting this attention on yourself slide for too long in order to focus on your larger goals can become problematic as you feel like you’re just spinning your wheels. As you’re doing some re-thinking about your routine, and perhaps getting reminded of the things that you love most to do for yourself, consider how you can make it more of a priority. Remember that you’ll have a much harder time getting to the big goal that you have if you completely run out of steam on your way.

At the end of November, the Sun’s square to Mars is going to ask you to be really vulnerable with yourself. Where are you giving up too much of your own energy? Where are you digging in so deeply to your reserves of strength and will that you’re hitting the bottom where there’s nothing left? This could especially have to do with your work life or goals for your role in the world.

At the beginning of December, the planets will be doing some more moving and shaking in the sky urging you to take what you’ve been observing throughout the past couple weeks and begin anew. There’s a New Moon, plus Mercury will start moving forward again. You are entitled to protect your own interests, even if that means saying no to someone else when you need to. The signs will be showing up for you advising you of what needs to give and what you need to do more of. Are you going to pay attention and heed the Universe’s advice?


Regal Leo, this month the Sun will be in another fire sign, so it should feel great for you! You should feel very free to express yourself this month, do cool stuff, and live your best life. You may experience a burst of creative energy this month. Take advantage of it and make something!

Mars, another fire planet, is making some interesting moves this month. In its sextile to Saturn at the beginning of Sagittarius season, you will be able to feel the power you have to enact change in your everyday life. You can find the spiritual motivation to improve your body and mind and create a routine that gives you continual inspiration and restoration. And prioritizing this care for yourself gives you tremendous power to move and shake big stuff in the rest of your life.

At the beginning of December, Mars continues on his Pisces journey and will meet up with Neptune. Whereas some might find this to really diffuse their energy, I think for you it will give you some really beautiful spiritual inspiration in your life. Sure, you may not feel like running a marathon, but if you listen to the messages that are being revealed to you, you will be guided to do really cool things.

This will also be a time to appreciate your journey thus far, especially the difficult things that you’ve been through and what you’ve learned from those experiences. Chiron is being activated in a couple different ways that will show you how valuable your triumphs are in helping you create the rest of your life. These are things to look at compassionately and with love for yourself that you experienced them. Rather than moping or feeling insecure, you can turn them into yet another source of personal power.


Hello, darling Virgos! This is going to be a busy month for you because your ruler, Mercury, is just all over the dang place. When the Sun is in Sagittarius, for you specifically, it’s a time to cultivate care for yourself and your home. It’s time to go back to your cozy space after a long day and wash all the worries and expectations off of yourself. As Mercury is in retrograde here at the beginning, this means even more introspection into what’s most important to you, whether you’re truly caring for yourself, and what your secret desires are. Where have you been focusing too much on what others expect of you at the expense of what you want to be?

As we close out November, this theme will continue to be present, but specifically when it comes to your personal relationships. Have you been putting so much into pleasing your other that you’re losing part of yourself? What can you do to help redefine some boundaries between your energy and theirs in a way that you can continue to be present for and support each other, but in a more productive and self-preserving way?

The New Moon at the beginning of December is happening just hours after Mercury goes direct, so this is a change for a fresh start for you. Because of this Moon’s aspect to Mars and Neptune, though, you could be inclined to make this fresh start specifically in your relationship. This of course does not necessarily mean ending something, but instead beginning something new. Communicate with your partner and tell them what new dynamic you want to invite in and strive for in the relationship.

As we get more to the middle of the month, Mercury again will be activated, this time through a conjunction to Jupiter. Luck, confidence, belief in yourself and your journey, and more forward-moving energy are some of the good stuff you’ll be blessed with through that transit. Take that confidence and use it to tailor your life the way you see fit—because you are worthy.


Hey, Sweet Libra. Get ready for a busy and chatty month. Sagittarius represents a part of your sky that deals with communicating, thinking, and hanging out in your neighborhood. There’s a lot of planets coming together, especially at the beginning of this month, that will encourage you to get out and yuck it up. You also might be inclined to learn a new skill or hobby.

Your ruler, Venus, will be in an opposition to Uranus during the first week of the Sun being in Sagittarius. You may feel a draw to radically change yourself. Maybe you think now’s the time to dye your hair pink or get that full sleeve tattoo. Hint: It’s not. Rather than doing something erratic, take the sudden inspiration you’re feeling and try to understand the reasons behind it, what it says about where you are in your life and whether you need to make a change that goes beyond just the physical. Perhaps something major does need to happen, and now, but at least take a beat or two to ponder it.

During Mercury’s retrograde cycle through the first part of Sagittarius season, you will also have to re-think your approach to your worldview and spirituality. Specifically, how do you approach those things in your everyday life? Are you making enough time to connect to the Universe at large and to expand your mind? Are the intellectual pursuits that you have helping to take you closer to your soul’s path or are you just wasting time?

At the beginning of December, Mars is going to meet up with Neptune. This may cause you some confusion in the area of how does my relationship, my partner, mesh into my daily life? This confusion isn’t necessarily a bad thing though; rather it’s a chance to think through the situation and examine what needs to shift.

As we move into the middle of December, the planets will move into such a configuration that will feel positive and optimistic. Mercury will help you to see a new perspective on things, particularly places where you feel damaged or inferior in your relationships. Mercury and Jupiter both will help this new perspective spill over into other areas of your life. How do you approach all the little things with more positivity? There are many things to be grateful for in our lives, even when we are so focused on what’s going wrong. When we’re able to practice this glass-half-full mentality, it helps us get through even the most difficult situations with more grace.


Rad Scorpio, if you’re here for your Sun sign, I hope you had a killer birthday last month. As the Sun is now in Sagittarius, it’s now time for you to shift your focus from “I am” to “I value.” Luckily for you, this will be a really positive month to attract more of what you value and desire most in your life. Things, money, and even the value you have for yourself. We’ll start off this season with a burst of positive energy, but since Mercury is in retrograde, we’ll also need to do some re-thinking. Specifically for you, is what you have been desiring and collecting more of in your life really the best for you in the long run? Is it the best for all those around you? Are you using your magical Scorpio powers of attraction for the best for all?

The end of the month, Mars is going to be making a difficult aspect to the Sun. Mars is your secondary ruler, so for you this could be more impactful and make you question again whether you’re truly enjoying the things you’ve brought into your life. Does your fancy Mustang car make you feel young, vibrant, and alive or stressed to the max about car payments and hoping to God a bird doesn’t crap on the paint job? You might have to address whether the things that you thought were important to you really are bringing you fulfillment or unnecessary anguish.

The New Moon at the beginning of December is a perfect time to start anew in this area and to set the intention to make more space in your life for the things that really do bring you joy. The challenging aspect to Mars might make you feel like you have no choice but to start something over.

As we flow through the rest of Sagittarius season in December, we’ll get more of that happy Jupiter energy in our life. Even you and your skeptical Scorpio poker face will see that life can really be great. Mercury will be making some helpful aspects to Chiron and Jupiter which will show you that you can change your thinking about where you feel like your everyday life is draining you and you can’t get out from under the pressure. You might be blessed with a fresh perspective and solution. As we near closer to Christmas and finish out Sagittarius season, you could experience an awesome jolt of attracting power for more of what you want—hopefully the right stuff this time. You never know whom you might run into who might be just the right connection to get to the next place you want to go.


Happy birthday, Sagittarius Sun! It’s going to be a great month for all of us. The focus for you is being the best and most fabulous you—and celebrating it. There’s a lot happening right at the beginning that will really light you up. The Sun and your ruler meeting up will give you a giant boost of confidence and good fortune in how you navigate your life. You might just feel on top of the freakin’ world. Don’t get too cocky though, because there is a challenging aspect happening at the end of November that will ask you to ground down a little bit and remember that life isn’t always one big party. Sometimes you need to slow down and care for yourself in an authentic way that is just for you and nobody else. Sometimes you need to just unwind at home and not have to be seen.

As we enter December, the Sagittarius New Moon will encourage you to stat anew in your life. You’ll feel like you need some fresh energy and that you might want to change directions. The stuff about self-care and cultivating a home for yourself could very much influence this decision. Maybe it’s a desire to create more balance, or perhaps you’re just burnt out on being “on” so much. This is a great time to put a new routine into motion.

The second and third week of December, as Mercury is now going direct, will bring us all some new insight. Specifically for you, how can you bring more genuine enjoyment and more childlike bliss into your relationships? How can you live purely from your heart and enjoy each moment with the other person in a way that you feel like you’re creating something amazing together? You could find that things are going really well in the relationship category, and perhaps even stuff at work seems to be gelling. We don’t always need to wait for the challenging times to teach us what we need to know. Sometimes we just need to be fully aware of and grateful for the good stuff, so that we know what we want to attract more of into our life to hang on to those feelings.


Hello, awesome Capricorn! There’s a busy energy that we’re all going to experience, especially at the beginning of this Sagittarius season. For you specifically, you might feel like you’re receiving a lot of insights and guidance from another realm. Sagittarius represents a part of your chart that deals with spirituality and things we cannot see. As someone who likes to see the cold hard facts, relying too much on the abstract is a challenge for you sometimes, but a necessary one.

Especially as the South Node is now in your sign, you might be feeling like you’re at a crossroads, and you’re not sue of who you are or what you are supposed to do next. The lesson of the Nodes, and what Sagittarius wants to teach you, is to listen to that voice of guidance on what to do next. Get out of your own head for a bit and see what other perspectives there are on what is possible.

The end of November’s Sun-Mars square will further challenge you in this realm. Are you going to continue to rely just on what you can intellectualize about a situation or go beyond that and feel it? It could feel like your mind is going a little haywire and you’re not sure what feelings are coming from where. Even though you would rather just ignore this silliness and get back to work, you shouldn’t. You’re going to have to take some meditative time to sort through all the stuff that’s coming to you and figure out what is truest. The New Moon at the beginning of December would be a great time to start living your life from this new place of intuiting in rather than just reasoning.

Continuing through December we’ll have some positive transits. Mercury’s aspect to Chiron could bring you opportunities to really take care of yourself and do some healing work of the stuff that you’ve been hiding from. I say that this is an opportunity, and that means that you need to be aware of it and take advantage of it. Honor yourself enough to take some time for you. Mercury and Jupiter’s conjunction as we close out Sagittarius season will bring you more of that guidance and insight, but especially with the tone of moving forward to the next step. It could give you the boost of confidence you need to do any restructuring of your daily life in order to continue evolving and even living from the heart a little bit more.


Awesome Aquarius, when the Sun is in Sagittarius, it’s in a very personal part of your sky that represents how you, as an Aquarius, relate to the rest of the world and how the world views you. That’s the emphasis for you this month. Right at the beginning, you’ll be given opportunities to improve not your status, but your presence. How you connect with the community, friends, and how you work to be a part of those groups and even serve them. The Sun will also be aspecting Saturn in a positive way right at the beginning, and as Saturn is your secondary ruler, this will help you to feel like the work that you’ve been doing is going to personally pay off in your life.

Mars has finally moved out of your sign, but as it swims through Pisces, it’s going to make a challenging aspect to the Sun at the beginning of December. With all this attention on others and what they expect from you, are you still staying within the confines of your values? Are you allocating enough energy to attract the things you want in your life? Do you feel spiritually fulfilled? Hmm, many questions to ponder, oh intellectual one.

As we progress through December, there will be several positive aspects. Mercury speaking to Chiron will help you to find the words you are trying to find to express what you need to to your community. Areas where you’ve felt like you couldn’t speak up will get a new perspective that allows you to do that. Further, Mercury conjuncting Jupiter again, except in a direct motion, will give you some positivity and good luck to make the right kinds of connections with people who share your vision. You’ll feel optimistic for the future and like you have the power to make the difference you yearn to make.


Last but never the least, sweet Pisces, are you ready to show UP in the world? That’s what Sagittarius asks of you. Where you can naturally be more introverted and in your own world, there comes a time when you need to be present and shine. This could be a busy month for you in terms of your career and seeing if you’re making the progress there that you want to—or that your soul wants you to. You are an artistic one, so you absolutely must feel like you have the ability to express yourself even in your professional life. If you’re in a situation that is stifling that creative expression, what are you gonna do about it?

Jupiter is your secondary ruler, and he’s going to be lighting things up this month. Starting with his conjunction to the Sun at the beginning of the season, he’ll be showing you the vast possibilities, even in an everyday context. How belief in something bigger and better can mean better days each day at work and at home.

Neptune, your primary ruler, is going to be activated as we enter December with a conjunction to Mars. While a lot of people may feel rather washed away from this transit, you might very well feel energized and like you’re starting to attract all the things you want in your life. You’ll also receive some clarity and motivation to live more truly from your values and remember that it’s okay to be steadfast in your beliefs.

Then at the end of Sagittarius season, the third week of December, Mercury will make his second conjunction to Jupiter. More information may be revealed on how to integrate your long-term hopes and dreams for a beautiful future into your life right now. Remember that you do not have to hide your dreams, Pisces, and you don’t have to be afraid of nobody understanding you. Some might not, but others may really love what you have to say and share, and they’ll help you along the way.

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