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Sagittarius Stereotypes

I know. I am wildly late to this Sagittarius party. Baby + business + holidays = one busy and anxious Molly. But anyway, more importantly, this article is the next installment of my blog series on the sun signs’ stereotypes, why they’re BS, why they’re actually kinda true, or something in the middle.

Sagittarians, our mutable fire friends, are often accused of a few things by the astrology-following public. One, apparently all they want to do is party and travel the world. Sagittarius is the zodiac equivalent of that travel blogger that somehow affords to travel to a new country every week and take nicely filtered photos at cute cafes, and somehow that travel and those nicely filtered photos are what are funding said travels. This person is definitely not married with kids or any other kind of long-term commitment.

Similar to Gemini, Sag is also accused as being a commitment-phobe, though in Sag’s case, there’s no shortage of fiery and passionate relationships, they just tend to last about 2 1/2 days.

And along the same vein, Sagittarius is so eager to chase down the next fiery and passionate thing that focus and attention to detail is practically impossible for them.

So is any of it true?

First a little bit of astrological background on Sagittarius. They’re the ninth sign in the zodiac, ruled by the giant planet Jupiter, and are represented by the centaur, a half-man, half-horse critter that’s always galloping around shooting arrows at things.


A centaur is not one to stay in one place for a long time; rather they set their sights on something fantastic and far into the distance, and aim (their arrow) for it. That’s why the glyph for Sag is the arrow. Their energy is all about seeking, discovering, and trying to find the truth by following the arrow. This adventurous spirit is what is really behind their stereotypical wanderlust and desire for travel. Their soul is calling them to see everything that there is to be seen. They would be wildly unhappy just languishing in monotony where there’s nothing new going on.

It doesn’t have to mean just physical travel either. My husband’s moon is in Sagittarius and while he hasn’t traveled that much, he is constantly learning about history and peoples in far-away lands. He would be miserable if all he knew about life was just what he saw in front of him.

Big Jupe Energy

Because of Jupiter’s influence over Sagittarius, everything about them is going to be big. It’s the biggest planet in the solar system after all, so it has a grand and powerful energy. When it comes to the romance department, Sagittarius can’t help but indulge in that fire and passion and gigantic excitement, but unless there’s more to discover and learn, they’re on to the next arrow.

For pure Sagittarius energy (with the exclusion of other chart points indicating challenges with relationships), it’s not a phobia of getting close to someone, but rather a desire to experience as much as possible and never stop learning—something that can be a challenge if you’re not with the right partner that shares your same sense of adventure.

Detail Unoriented

Because the energy of Sag is just so big and boisterous — there’s just so much to see and discover! — of course sitting down and running through the minutiae of a situation is going to be painful for them. It is not impossible for them to take a large idea and break it down into pieces. After all, as students of philosophy, history, religion, and culture, they enjoy learning about the components and layers to these things. But ask them to run through a checklist of daily chores, responsibilities, or work tasks that, in their mind, have no long-term benefit to their journey of world comprehension, and they will grumble. They have bigger fish to fry than your Excel spreadsheet.

In Conclusion

That’s what’s so fantastic about Sagittarius: They are literally focused on the bigger picture. When it can be easy for some of us to get so caught up in the spattering of little problems that come across our path and think that each one is the end of the world, Sagittarius knows that the world has too much else worth thinking about than this one thing. With their mutable energy, they are willing to change and adapt their convictions and understandings of how things work. There’s beauty and greatness and poetry in our human existence that’s worth seeking, and we can all lean into our own Sagittarius energy to give ourselves permission to discover and adventure, even if it’s from our own home with a Netflix documentary or ebook.

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