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Scorpio 2018 Sun/Rising Horoscopes

The Sun is in Scorpio from October 23-November 21. Read on to see what the month has in store for you based on your Sun or Rising sign!


Of all the signs, Scorpio month for you is especially significant. It’s happening in a part of your chart that deals with the dark parts of yourself and your vulnerability.

The month will start off with a fixed grand cross with the Nodes and Uranus, plus a Full Moon on the 24thin this place. For you this configuration is a bull’s eye target on the push and pull between what you want and what others want. Are you changing your values and lifestyle to live by what other people think? The personal development that you’re working on… is it because you want to for yourself or because you think you’re supposed to? The Full Moon is a time to release something, and you should think about how you can release other people’s expectations and imprinting values upon you.

The last couple weeks of October, and especially the last few days, will bring some needed positivity to this wild and intense month. You should take advantage by tapping into your innate power deep within yourself. This is the kind of power that is gifted to you as a being and you can use it to create. Go within and listen to your higher spiritual self and you’ll be guided to the thing in your life that you need to be using this power to transform. For an easy transit, it could still feel very intense as you discover how you can will things into existence.

Mercury will enter Sagittarius and Venus will drop back into Libra. During Mercury’s transit through Sagittarius, you may be inspired to learn something, revise your beliefs, and you could find fortune and expansion somewhere in your life. Venus is still in retrograde, so as she enters Libra, you could be faced with further lessons to learn in your relationships. While it sometimes seems like everyone else is the problem, you need to look at what you’re contributing to the relationship.

Uranus is dropping back into your sign where it will stay until March 2019, giving more fuel to the fire of changing your identity to match where you want to go in life. The New Moon on November 7thhappens the same day, giving you the perfect opportunity to plant a seed for radical improvement of self for the next few months.

Jupiter is returning home to Sagittarius the following day on November 8th, beginning his year-long residency there. The stuff that you might have been thinking about when Mercury entered this space on Halloween, stuff you seek to learn about, areas of your mind you want to expand, that’s the stuff that you should make space for in your life for the next year. This year could very well bring plenty of opportunities for that mental exploration as well as literal exploration in the form of travel.

On November 16th, Venus goes direct, ending the cycle of learning to release control and addressing your relationships on a deep level. But the lessons never stop; 15 hours later, Mercury goes retrograde in Sagittarius. This transit will be revealing to you in the sense that as you put energy towards these areas of learning and expansion, you’ll be able to see how opening up in that way can enact change at your core that will in turn affect other areas of your life.

The end of Scorpio month brings more positivity as the Sun moves into a trine with Chiron. As someone who would rather take action and DO instead of spending a lot of time going within, Aries, this specifically will give you more ease in finding stillness and spiritual power. You’ll again be able to be aware of that raw, innate strength within you and its divine source that has nothing to do with what you’re doing here as a human. There is tremendous power outside of your purely human and mental strength, and as you are both human and spiritual, recognizing and honoring both parts will make you unstoppable.


Happy half birthday, Taurus. This month the Sun is in your opposite sign, which for you means a month of thinking about not only your relationships, but who are you through the eyes of others?

The beginning of Scorpio season starts off with a fixed grand cross involving Uranus in your sign. The Full Moon on the 24thalso in your sign brings even more drama to this situation. You’ll feel like you need to figure out who the heck you are, the many facets of who you are. Who’s the person you see in the mirror versus the person that your coworkers know versus the person that your partner knows versus the person deep down inside that you don’t always show anyone? Is it possible to find consistency between all these versions of you or do you have to compartmentalize it? The strongest pull may be to change the person you see in the mirror that’s the most basic version of you, but taking time to address the secret you, the one you tend to hide away, can affect all versions and make you feel more at home overall.

The last couple weeks of October, and especially the last few days, Jupiter and Chiron will be in a positive aspect, helping you to find positive inspiration to heal areas of yourself that need healing, particularly in how you are fitting in with the group. Whereas it seems like some basic insecurity, there’s some hidden stuff at work that needs to be brought to light and transmuted. This period of time would be ideal to find some bravery and face that stuff, because you’ll be more likely to approach it with optimism and create strength out of it.

On Halloween, Mercury is changing signs to Sagittarius. Mercury’s transit through Libra, and especially his upcoming retrograde cycle there starting in the middle of November, is going to further ask you to think about what’s going on under the surface and where you need healing. But the cool thing also is that it will also help you discover a deeper level of personal power that comes from being that honest and vulnerable with yourself.

The New Moon at the beginning of November would be a perfect time to set an intention to take that honesty and vulnerability that you’re discovering within yourself and sharing it with your partners and your friends. Perhaps the reason you’ve been feeling out of sorts with other people lately is because you’ve been lacking that self-honesty. This New Moon is ideal to change that.

Jupiter is beginning his one-year trek through Sagittarius on November 8. Go back and take a look at the stuff you started thinking about when Mercury entered that space on Halloween. Jupiter’s transit for you would be a perfect time to make space in your life to work on not only your vulnerability and personal power, but also to expand your mind and consciousness by taking on new interests and studies that resonate deeply with you, thereby discovering more about yourself than ever.

When Mercury does go retrograde, he’ll be doing so in a square to Neptune. During that cycle it will become more difficult to continue trying to blend in with your crowd by being what they want you to be rather than what you so desire to be. Silliness and surface relationships aren’t going to work for you anymore.

The final days of Scorpio month bring us another positive aspect that will help you start to wrap up the work you were doing at the beginning of the month with deep self-healing and bringing that honesty and vulnerability to others. You should be able to see how that kind of realness resonates with people and they have more respect for someone who will admit to their flaws. People may even want to join you in your journey and do their own healing. When people come together in that kind of supportive atmosphere, real change can happen.


My darling Gemini, this month is a perfect time for you to refine your routine and your commitment to doing all the little things necessary foundationally for an awesome life. Your health and daily habits are the focus right now.

Starting off the month is a tense grand cross. For you it could feel like this overwhelming pull in different directions—smaller details that need your attention and bigger and more abstract ideas that you want to put your energy into. And yeah, the Full Moon on the 24thwill make this a more emotional crisis, and you’ll have to think about what is truly important to you. Whereas you want to refine your spiritual beliefs and really think about the meaning of life, right now you need to put some more attention on what’s in front of you. Not only can you learn a lot about your spiritual identity by the physical evidence of your current life, but going too far adrift into theorizing doesn’t always lead you to tangible results.

During Jupiter’s trine to Chiron in the last couple weeks of October, there will be a general sense of optimism and belief that the success will come, especially in terms of career and those sorts of life goals. Be careful not to get too lazy though. Faith that everything works out perfectly is something to cherish, but back it up with action. Like the saying goes, “When you pray, move your feet.” Your ruler Mercury will be activating this trine the last few days of the month as well, so you’ll start really thinking about what is working out well, where you can continue to improve, and what you can do right now.

On Halloween, Mercury will be entering your opposite sign of Sagittarius, which could bring up thoughts and pondering about your relationships and whether you are getting the kind of intellectual and spiritual satisfaction from the people closest to you. Remember that external experiences are a reflection of internal conditions.

The New Moon on November 7thwill bring in a lot of few and fresh energy. Especially for you, taking time to set an intention for how to bring about the change you want in your career and/or life goals through small, daily action would be ideal. Take that spiritual connection and faith and combine it with actionable steps and see what plan you can come up with.

Jupiter will also be entering Sagittarius in the beginning of November, where he’ll be hanging out for the next year. This could bring some great luck and fortune in the area of your relationships, and some opportunities to learn and improve as well. You may find yourself welcoming lots of new people into your life over the next year, or expanding the nature of your current partnership into something really great.

Mercury will be going retrograde in Sagittarius on November 16th. Since Mercury is your ruler and Sagittarius is your opposite sign, this is an important transit for you. You’ll have to do some thinking and mulling over not only how your relationships are going, but who are youin the relationship? How are you showing up for your partner? How are you speaking to them? Have you been slacking off a little bit? It’s okay if you start realizing some errors or shortcomings, because this is the ideal time to address them.

The final days of Scorpio month bring a positive trine between the Sun and Chiron, a similar energy to the Jupiter/Chiron trine at the beginning of the month. How can you improve the way you think and speak to yourself about your insecurities? Perhaps you’ve been feeling less than stellar at work lately, or like you’re damaged goods and aren’t getting ahead the way you want to. Instead of approaching it from that negative perspective, during these days you’ll find some more optimism and will be able to see that there may be some force at play that has nothing to do with whether you’re “good” or “bad.” Find logic in the situation. Thinking and speaking are your strong suit, Gemini, so it should be easy for you to back up off the emotional drama and think objectively and come up with a plan to surpass the challenge.


This month is a time for you to really do what you want to do. What are the activities and interests that may sometimes get put to the backburner but that give you so much joy and bliss? Make time for yourself, and make time for anything that brings you that kind of positive energy this month.

Sometimes daring to make time for ourselves comes as a challenge, and that’s going to be the case here at the beginning of the month. The grand cross between the Sun, Uranus, and the Nodes is going to feel like this intense force asking you to choose between what others are expecting of you and what you are expecting of yourself. You give a lot of yourself to other people and other obligations, but it’s coming at the price of your own value for yourself. Something is going to have to give. You’re going to need to ask yourself what’s truly important to you, regardless of what Joe Blow is asking you to do at the moment. When the Full Moon happens on the 24th, this will be especially important, as the Moon is your ruler. You’ll see how this lack of priority for yourself is starting to be unbearable, but you’ll have the opportunity to release it. Take something off the list and replace it with you.

The positive trine between Jupiter and Chiron the last couple weeks of October may reveal you to more opportunities to focus on yourself and expanding your own intellectual curiosity. What have you been not wanting to make space for in terms of your own self-development? What beliefs have been continuously called into question in your life, but you haven’t wanted to address them? This is the perfect time to face those things and make an honest attempt to change up what needs changing.

On Halloween, Mercury is entering the sign of Sagittarius, where he will also go retrograde in the middle of the month. You will do a lot of thinking of the day-to-day obligations you have and whether those things are spiritually aligned with where you see your life going. Again, what needs to be eliminated from the list that just isn’t vibing with you anymore?

Venus will be entering Libra before finishing off her retrograde cycle. For you, the focus will come back to the home and what is sacred to you. Being present for yourself and others, and finding harmony and balance in your off time is crucial. What have you been holding on to that’s been blocking you from being able to do that? Now is the time for a final push to say goodbye to those things.

The New Moon on November 7this happening the same day that lots of other stuff is going on. Notably for you, the Nodes are switching signs to Cancer and Capricorn. This New Moon is going to start off a year-and-a-half cycle of seeking out the most authentic and high-vibrational you. Everyone is going to be aspiring to Cancer energy through this transit, and for you the stakes are high. It honestly might be uncomfortable at times trying to live up to what you know you could be, but just know that the evolutionary process pays off when you lean into it.

Jupiter’s entry into Sagittarius the day after this also marks a period for you to spend time refining your daily routine and finding ways to constantly improve, evolve, and expand, even on an incremental scale. You are guided by what feels emotionally secure, and in this case you’ll feel an emotional craving to really learn more.

Mercury goes retrograde just after Venus goes direct on November 16. So go back to what I said about the mulling over of your day-to-day obligations and the spiritual soundness of these things. With a planet going in reverse, you might have to literally reverse some of your commitments and pull back. The goal is to make room for you and your own development and spend less time on what’s only a benefit to others.

The last few days of the month, the Sun will be trining Chiron from the same place that Jupiter was at the beginning of the month. How can you value yourself and your own journey? Perhaps the steps you’ve taken to get where you are now have been imperfect and you’ve had to learn many hard lessons along the way. But instead of bemoaning the time it’s taken, instead cherish honor yourself for sticking to it. Integrate these experiences into yourself in a way that they become a source of power and strength to keep going.


Scorpio month will start off with a bang for everyone, but especially you as a fixed sign, this grand cross involving the Sun, Uranus, and the Nodes will be intense. It might feel like an identity crisis—like you’re not sure who you are now, who you’re trying to become, and what other people are expecting you to be. The Full Moon on the 24thwill heighten the emotions around this issue, and especially for you will bring more mental anxiety and worry about your global reputation. The idea is of course to be true to you and ignore the haters, but that’s easier said than done, especially when sometimes those questioning you are people you care deeply for. Remember that authenticity starts from the inside and is not just a performance, so it’s possible to be true to yourself, know who you want to become, and still approach others with love and compassion even if they aren’t in the same place as you.

The positive trine between Jupiter and Chiron in the last couple weeks of October will bring some ease in discovering this true self, hidden beneath the mask. It’s a heck of a lot easier to skim over that hidden self sometimes because you’re ashamed of what’s down there or you feel that those damaged parts don’t need to see the light of day. However, recognizing the incredible power that comes from the overcoming and continuous self-improvement is a valuable act of self-care. Honor yourself for where you’ve been and you’ll have the strength to get to where you’re going.

Mercury’s entry to Sagittarius on Halloween, and retrograde starting two weeks afterwards, will facilitate a time to re-think more of this “Am I really being me?” stuff. Are you making time in your life for activities that fulfill your soul and bring you joy? Are you surrounding yourself with people that bring you joy and inspiration or people that you feel you have to simply answer to though an obligation? You’re going to have to confront these questions during this cycle.

The New Moon should bring you some relief, as on this day the North Node is moving out of your sign and into Cancer, while the South Node moves into Capricorn. The feelings of “not good enough” or pressure to live up to an impossible standard will start to subside, and you’ll start to find more to aspire to through your spiritual self, which is less dependent on how you view yourself through the eyes of others.

Jupiter’s entry into his home sign of Sagittarius after a 12-year cycle on November 8thwill be a fantastic source of inspiration to expand space in your life for those activities that really light you up. Exploring a new idea of what it means to be you is a thrilling endeavor, and you never know what you might learn.

The last couple weeks of Scorpio month bring another positive trine with Chiron, this time with the Sun. This is especially positive for you, with the Sun being your ruler. How can you fully integrate the deepest parts of yourself into your entire being? How can you re-claim what you previously had tried to disown from yourself and shine that Leo pride on those things? None of our journeys have been perfect, and we’ve all had to endure real growing pains as we become more authentically ourselves, but those pains don’t need to remain hidden. Embrace them and use them to continue your amazing journey.


This month is a good time for you to pick up a new book or learn a new skill. I know as a Virgo sometimes its difficult for you to see the utility in simple hobbies, but taking time to continuously learn and improve is crucial. Think of something that would be fulfilling that you’ve always wanted to explore, and make some time for that this month.

The season starts out with a crazy grand cross in the fixed signs, which for you will really challenge your convictions about the utility of continuous self-improvement and living more fully in the spiritual side of life rather than everything that you see right before you. The Full Moon will amplify this on the 24th. The Node placements over the last year and a half have really been challenging you to get out of your physical body more and go on a journey of faith in the unseen. While you are a smart one, there is always more to learn and explore about the world, which can help you gain that spiritual connection with the collective. It’s necessary to use your mind in ways that are new and don’t follow the same pattern. As the old saying goes, think outside the box. In this case, think and explore ideas outside the physical reality box.

The first couple weeks of the season will give us a nice trine between Jupiter and Chiron, and this aspect will be activated by your ruler, Mercury, the last few days of October. This transit might really help you figure out some relationship stuff that’s been stumping you lately. Perhaps you’ve been suffering from a condition of I’m not good enough, or they’re never good enough, and you’ve been experiencing some bad luck on that front. This will show you a better way to approach these situations with more optimism. You should be able to see yourself in the other person and have more empathy and compassion for their shortcomings as well as your own. You also might just find some clarity on who you desire to seek a partnership with and who you want to be in that partnership.

Mercury will be changing signs to Sagittarius on Halloween and also will be going retrograde there a couple weeks later. This cycle puts the focus on your inner sacred self. If you haven’t been honoring that self, if you’ve been trying to put on too much of a mask for the world, this will be a time to address that and figure out why. Sometimes you need to do something just for you, and not because anyone else is watching. It’s especially important during this cycle to cultivate that spiritual connection and relief from relying 100% on tangible evidence.

The New Moon is coming on November 7th, also marking big movement of some other bodies in the sky. The South Node in particular is moving off Aquarius and into Capricorn, marking the end of this year-and-a-half cycle teaching you to get out of your body and rely more on the unseen. While, as a Virgo, that continues to be part of your journey, the focus will now turn toward making more real and vulnerable connections with others. It’s easy for you to take care of yourself—you’re really good at that—but we are social beings and sometimes we need to rely on each other. That will be part of your learning over the next year and a half.

Jupiter’s entry into Sagittarius the day after the New Moon will bring you some good luck in this area of intuitive connection and vulnerability. During his year-long journey, you will be able to learn how to truly start taking care of your soul, not just your body, and seeing what needs healing. Healing yourself from the inside out allows you to show up with more presence and honesty with others—and with less judgment, since now you’re more fully aware of your own shortcomings and not just everyone else’s. Make this authentic healing and care the priority.

The last couple weeks of Scorpio month bring another positive trine between the Sun and Chiron, adding another dose of healthy antimicrobial light on your relationships. It’s never just about the other person. The Universe often shows us our inner selves through external actors. During this transit you should be able to recognize and appreciate the spirit and soul of those closest to you, and how their spirit and soul connects with your own. How can you learn and improve through them? Close relationships are one of the greatest microscopes through which we can view ourselves and discover what else we can do to heal, improve, and become who we aspire to be.


This month is a time for you to focus on what’s really important to you. And by that I mean what are the fundamental values that govern your life? Are you living according to those things or are you ignoring them? Part of your values is your money too, so how’s that area of your life going these days? This could be a month to focus on getting your paper.

The beginning of Scorpio season is starting off with a wild grand fixed cross, amplified further by a Full Moon on the 24th, forcing all of us to take some sort of action. Specifically for you, it’s going to bring up not only questions of those values and your resources, but how you share other people’s resources as well. Your ability to be vulnerable and perhaps ask for help when you need it will come to the forefront, and as the North Node is about to change signs, this could be one final push to you learning lessons pertaining to reliance on the support of community. Real energy-exchanging support, not superficial stuff.

In the background, though, there will be a positive trine between Jupiter and Chiron the last couple weeks of October, and further amplified by Mercury the last few days of the month. If you have been living your life in such a way that you aren’t happy with the way things are going and you know that you’re not being totally true to who you are and what’s important to you, then this transit will bring some clarity and show you ways to expand your perception of the situation—and to expand your strength to change something in your life if it’s not up to snuff. Perhaps you’ll also see the things that are going right and the improvements that you are making, how your life really is gelling in a lot of ways, and that will inspire you to clean everything else up.

Mercury’s entry into Sagittarius on Halloween and especially his retrograde cycle two weeks later will encourage you to think about where you can find some more expansion in your life. What are some interests or skills that you’ve wanted to learn but haven’t taken the time yet? Small things, even something like learning to weave, can change and shift your energy in a way that has a big payoff. It can help your mind start to work and process and understand in ways that it hasn’t before, which will affect all areas of your life. Think about how you could make more space for something new that will incrementally affect everything.

Your chart ruler, Venus, will be traipsing back into your sign before finishing off her retrograde cycle. It’s another chance to do some refining of yourself, how you identify with the world, and how you can realign your lifestyle with your core values. This cycle has challenged you to your very being—challenged the notions that you’ve been holding onto that you need to be a certain way that deep down you know you don’t want to be.

The New Moon on November 7this setting off a new year-and-a-half cycle of the Nodes being in Capricorn and Cancer. As with everything else in the life of a Libra, this will be a time of seeking balance. Specifically, how do you effectively balance emotional openness and honesty with your more “professional” self? How can you integrate both parts into one and not have to compartmentalize your life, fearing that being open and honest with what’s important to you in public makes you weak?

The following day sets off another long-term cycle, with Jupiter entering the sign of Sagittarius. For you, similar to the Mercury transit, this will bring opportunities to expand your learning about new things and perhaps your voice. If you’ve been trying to speak and get a message out, this could really help you do that. On a literal level, you also may find time to explore your immediate neighborhood and make new connections. Fun!

On November 16th, Venus is officially going direct, phew! With this being your ruling planet, you’ll start to feel like the identity crisis is over and your presence in the world is going the direction you want it to. If you’ve been feeling held back from sharing yourself, this will start to get better.

The last few days of Scorpio month bring another positive trine with Chiron, this time from the Sun. This again will show you ways that you can be present with those you interact with day to day in a more authentic and vulnerable way. You can really share what you think is important to you, what your idea of fair and equitable is, and they’ll respond to it. You’ll be able to connect with people that perhaps you didn’t know shared your beliefs or opinions and have a meeting of the minds. It’s important to practice this kind of honesty. If you’ve been feeling like you’re the odd man out in your life, like your routine is all over the place and you’re not sure whether you’re sitting or standing, then this could start to dissipate if you are mindful of where you could purposefully direct more positive energy. A trine such as this doesn’t mean things are going to happen on their own, but it is the type of energy that will show you where to exercise your free will and set your intention for a more honest and aligned life.


Happy Birthday, Scorpio Suns! This month is going to start off with an intense grand cross in the fixed signs, and especially given that the focus this month is all about the age-old question, “who are you?” the need to define all aspects of yourself will be especially intense at the beginning here. It’s a matter of figuring out who you are on all levels, in all aspects. The fundamental energy that composes your person, the version that only you know, the version that your closest partner knows, and the version that the world knows. Somehow you need to bring consistency to all of those things and figure out which one is the realest. Given the position of the Sun and the North Node for this aspect, I would challenge you to really think about how the rest of the world sees you, and I would further challenge you to allow some vulnerability with the rest of the world. I know you are secretive by nature, but sometimes you need to open up and allow people in.

The first couple weeks of the month we’ll be enjoying a Jupiter-Chiron trine which should give you some encouragement towards that openness and enjoying life for the sake of enjoyment, not because you have an ulterior motive or are trying to spy on other people. If you’ve been feeling lately like it’s been hard for yourself to just let your hair down, create something, or find happiness in life, then this transit should give you some energy to relieve that.

On Halloween, Mercury will be leaving your sign and entering Sagittarius, taking a bit of the constant thinking power off the “who am I?” question and on the “what do I want?” question. What is most important to you in your life, and where are you lacking it? We’re talking values and physical things. Mercury will be retrograding in Sag on November 16th, which will internalize more of these questions and ask you to address how you need to change from the inside out to attract more of what you desire into your life.

In finishing her retrograde cycle, Venus will enter Libra and leave your sign. This chapter of spiritual transformation work that you’ve been asked to do lately will be coming to a close, especially work you’ve been doing to address who you are in the face of your higher power and those closest to you. Perhaps other people have been acting as mirrors to reveal what you’re holding onto too tightly that you need to release. The solution is to surrender as much control as you can and allow things to unfold as the Universe sees fit. It’s hard for a fixed sign like you to do that, but try, okay?

November’s New Moon on the 7thwould be an ideal time for you to plant the seed to allow more flow and faith in the Universe’s synchronistic perfection in your life. When you release some of that control and allow the magic to unfold, you’ll find that you attract more things of joy and bliss. You have more space and time to do the things that you love the most because you aren’t so anxious about toiling for something else.

The last few days of the month bring another positive trine between the Sun and Chiron, helping you to appreciate the big picture payoff when you commit to prioritizing happiness and being gutsy enough to heal the hidden parts of yourself. When you do that, others notice your increased vibrancy and competency, trusting that you have it figured out. It’s time to shine some antimicrobial light on the icikiest parts of yourself that are holding you back from moving through life authentically in search of bliss. It’s okay to admit you need some work, even if you haven’t gotten it all done yet.


For someone who loves to keep it positive, the intensity beginning this month is annoying, am I right, Sagittarius? The grand cross and Full Moon is going to be forcing you to face your shortcomings in your lifestyle and whether it is really conducive to spiritual growth and expansion or if it’s keeping you in a holding pattern. Scorpio month puts the focus on spirituality for you in general, and specifically as a Sagittarius you are called to explore and expand. But sometimes that kind of expansion can be painful or scary, and it’s easier to just sit back with a beer and watch The Office, because you know that will always make you laugh. This transit is asking you to look deep within your soul and see what it is you’re supposed to be seeking out and learning for your soul’s growth.

The first couple weeks of Scorpio month, your planet of Jupiter will be making a positive trine over to Chiron. What this will help you do is see the possibility to heal parts of yourself that you’ve been trying to keep hidden by relying on the power and beauty of a higher power. When we toil and try to do everything the human way, thinking that if we did something wrong and have skeletons in our closet that we can’t get rid of that we just need to hide it from everyone, we forget that we are also spiritual beings with an innate connection to a higher power. And through that higher power, much is possible, including forgiveness of self and using past hurt and past experiences for a better purpose. Spend some time in introspection to asses where you could allow yourself to heal and forgive and use your wisdom to help yourself grow or help others grow.

Mercury will be entering your sign on Halloween and will be going retrograde there a couple weeks later. You will not only be thinking about how you are developing yourself, but you’ll also need to look at how you’re showing up for other people, both in close personal relationships and your larger reputation. If you’ve been behaving somewhat selfishly and not giving the support to those you care about, you could very well be called out. If you’ve not been making the connections that you need to make to get ahead, especially in your career, that could be brought to your attention. We are all on our own individual soul journey, and a lot of the time we really need to ignore what other people are telling us in order to push forward. However, a lot of personal development work happens in the context of a relationship, and being challenged to be someone’s support is not only helpful to getting them through a lesson, but it’s also a lesson for you.

Your chart ruler, Jupiter, comes back home to Sag on November 8, the day after the Full Moon, after his 12-year journey around the zodiac. Count on this being an important year for you, bringing you clarity and confidence in being your true and amazing you and cultivating some real security and sense of self. You should be able to find some ease in gliding through life as well as some opportunities opening up to slide into the things you desire. Pretty awesome, huh?!

The last few days of Scorpio month have another positive trine to Chiron, this time with the Sun. It again will feel like you can take what you’ve previously been hiding and heal yourself from the inside out. Further, you can see an expanded understanding of what those experiences or feelings mean to begin with. Where you might have had a narrow understanding of what you did wrong, what’s wrong with you, etc., perhaps there’s more to the story, and those other chapters help you understand a lot better why those things happened the way they did. Having a fuller understanding allows fuller forgiveness and empathy for yourself, and you have amazing things to do in this lifetime, so don’t be so hard on yourself, okay?


The theme of Scorpio season for you, Capricorn, is who are your people? Are the groups that you’re associating with or seeking to associate with ones that will help you on your journey and who understand you on a deep level? Or are you hanging out with people for the sake of it?

You are not one to shy away from the hard questions, and that’s what will be happening at the beginning of the month. The grand cross in the fixed signs and the Full Moon will be forcing you to address not only the questions about the others, but also questions about you and whether you’re living your life according to what’s most true, deep under all the layers of pleasantries. It’s easier sometimes to be what the boss wants you to be, forgetting that you’re being called to do something else entirely and that your entire being has evolved past those commitments. It’s okay to acknowledge that the goals you used to have just aren’t what’s important to you anymore.

The trine between Jupiter and Chiron the first couple weeks of Scorpio month will help you find some positivity in how you think about and talk about your vulnerabilities. I know it’s usually your routine to keep the emotions and silliness hidden and keep on the task at hand. But being open with yourself about where you’ve experienced hurt in the past and how you’ve learned from it will help you to connect more deeply with people.

Mercury will be entering the sign of Sagittarius on Halloween and retrograding there a couple weeks later. Sagittarius is in a place in your chart that deals with spirituality, so that will be something that you will want to not only think about, but also bring into your daily practice. Sometimes we need to remember that while we are human beings and have human work to do, we’re also spiritual beings and have spiritual work—and happiness—to do. If you have been neglecting your higher self and are lacking that connection to the energy around you (too woo-woo for you?) then think of ways that you can create that connection in a way that feels real and tangible to you. Everyone’s spiritual practice will look different, but it’s so important to take the time to create your own and find that greater purpose.

The New Moon on November 17thalso marks the movement of the North Node into Cancer and the South Node into your sign of Capricorn for the next year and a half. So what does this mean for you? Well, as someone who just spent the last year and a half with the South Node in her sign, it could very well bring up some serious questions about who you are and what your purpose is. It will be easy to fall back on the known rather than go seek what might seem impossible. It could even feel like there’s something wrong with you, and all your worse qualities are coming out to play. But it’s okay, because bringing that kind of stuff to the surface means you can be aware of it, heal it, and move on with your life as a better version of you. Don’t think that your mere existence is problematic. Instead be grateful for the opportunity to be forced to address what isn’t helping you along your way to meet your goals.

The last few days of Scorpio month have another positive trine with Chiron, this time with the Sun. The Sun for you is representative of the deep-down stuff that you don’t always like to think about, and in this configuration, will give you confidence and inspiration to use that stuff as a source of power to train your brain for greatness. This is really a lesson in knowing that you have the power to create your own life, to draw the right people to you, and to manifest the dreams that you have. You already possess the power to do so, it’s just a matter of uncovering it and using it. Despite what might have happened in the past, your power has not dwindled. In fact it’s only become stronger, because each day your wisdom to overcome the next thing and crush your goals just increases.


This month for you, Aquarius, is a time to think about your larger goals and creating the big life that you dream of. How do you really want to show up in the world? What’s your bliss?

The beginning of Scorpio season brings a fixed grand cross involving the South Node in your sign. What that’s going to do is bring up those questions of “who am I?” Trying to create the best version of yourself is sometimes so hard when it feels like you have to work overtime to do it, and there’s forces working against you. You already ARE, it’s just a matter of letting that you shine through for others to see. You don’t need to spend so much time and energy trying to curate your image to people to appear a certain way. Easier said than done, though!

The first couple weeks of the month bring a positive trine between Jupiter and Chiron. This transit for you will help you see that acquiring the things you want and being true to your values is really possible, and the hardships you’ve endured in trying to do so only make you stronger. The Universe doesn’t have it out for you, there’s just some lessons that need learning before you get to the next step. Really tune into that energy, because it will help explain a lot.

When Mercury enters the sign of Sagittarius on Halloween, and especially when he goes retrograde there a couple weeks later, you’ll be busy about the mind in thinking about your role in the world. You want to make a difference and help people, but how are you supposed to do that? Do you feel like your message isn’t getting out with the clarity that you want? During the retrograde cycle, you’ll have to go over just how you’ve been relaying yourself and your message to your closest people and whether that really is the message you’re seeking to give. Is it creating the effect you wish for it to create? What can you do to clear away the noise and really zero in on what the point of it all is?

The New Moon on November 7thbrings a much-welcomed change: The South Node is finally leaving your sign and entering Capricorn, while the North Node enters Cancer. The constant questioning over the past year and a half of who are you, wondering if what you’re doing is just a waste of time, and thinking that your entire life is a waste (am I wrong though?) is coming to an end. YAY! Instead, with the new placements of the Nodes, you’ll spend the next year and a half thinking about the spiritual and non-physical versus the mundane. You’ll have to see where you’re getting too caught up in wanting to escape the challenges of life instead of leaning into them and facing them little by little. It’ll be important for you to set the intention to constantly work towards improvement. Instead of using your spiritual connection to escape reality, use it to understand reality and create the reality you wish to create.

Jupiter’s entry into his home sign of Sagittarius on November 8thafter a long 12-year spin around the zodiac will mark the beginning of positive year-long cycle of meeting the right people at the right time and finding your own tribe. Sometimes it’s hard for an Aquarius to really connect with people despite being able to talk to and help them. This transit should help you to do that. It’ll expand your friend circle, expand your ability to share and commiserate with your friends, and even throw some good luck on what you wish most for in the world. Sound good?

The last few days of Scorpio month will bring another trine to good old Chiron, this time from the Sun. This might reveal to you how your partnerships, especially romantic partners, can support you in healing past traumas and insecurities. It’s okay to show the world your scars and own up to what you’ve been through. It’s okay to show where you’re unsure if it’s going to work out for you. Hiding these shadows and not copping to them is worse than letting them out to shine the light on them. Allow others willing to support you to do just that, despite your inherent need to be independent and do everything for yourself. Sometimes we just need someone to hold our hand and help us through it.


This month for you, Pisces, is a time for you to learn about yourself and expand your perception of what is possible in your own life.

The grand cross at the beginning of the month is going to feel like this tension that’s forcing you to choose between what you really know, what’s familiar to you, and what you know would be better for you. Specifically, as someone who is prone to avoiding difficulties and daily responsibilities in favor of escaping into your imagination or even into other people’s problems, you’re going to have to confront it and might even have to think about it on a logical level, not just in the abstract. Take a look at the physical evidence around you and use your brain. Not all your problems will just swim away on their own, oh fishy one. Some things need concentrated attention.

The Full Moon on the 24thwill really highlight this lesson. Full Moons are probably less dramatic for you than for other signs due to your Neptunian nature, but this one is still a doozy. It’s a good time to set an intention to release something. For you I’d recommend thinking about that tendency to take a left turn when the Universe is presenting you a challenge to your right. What’s something in your life that you know needs your attention, something that if you were to put your energy into it that would change everything? Is it something you’ve been avoiding because it’s easier to skate the other way? Perhaps you need to release that fear and avoidance.

The first couple weeks of this month, Jupiter is going to making a positive trine to Chiron, and the last few days of the month, Mercury joins the party. This will be especially beneficial for you, as Chiron has been hanging out in your sign lately. The places where you feel you are falling short in the most basic and fundamental way, where you feel like your whole identity is damaged, is going to get a dose of positive medicine from Jupiter. In this case, Jupiter will be representative of your higher self, your individual connection to the Universe and your own individual faith and belief that you are worthy. Something will inspire you to start showing yourself more grace and compassion.

The entry of Mercury into Sag and Venus into Libra at the beginning of November is going to stimulate pats of your charts that deal with matters of your reputation and career and your deep connections with others, respectively. Be aware of how these areas of your life are connected to the greater lesson I talked about at the beginning of escape vs. confrontation.

On November 7th, the New Moon will inspire you to continue that expansion of your mind and your life and what’s possible for you. With Uranus entering Aries and the Nodes entering Cancer and Capricorn, you’ll be asked to examine what you truly value and what makes you, well, you. How have you been holding yourself back from living an even more blissful and authentic life by thinking that it’s not possible for you? What’s something that would fulfill you that you just need to unearth a little guts to go after?

On November 8th, Jupiter changes signs to Sagittarius. Like Mercury’s entry into this sign, this will bring up matters of your career and reputation, which you have time to work on over the next year.

In the middle of November, Venus goes direct right before Mercury goes retrograde. Mercury’s cycle over the next three weeks is going to ask you to consider whether you’ve been relying too much on what is comfortable for you in the areas of your career and learning new things. Are there opportunities that you’ve been given to do new things or to evolve your worldview but you’ve avoided it because it seemed unfamiliar to you? Those things may come back up and you may have to decide whether staying still is really better than going for it.

The end of Scorpio month brings a positive trine between the Sun and Chiron. Similar to the dose of positivity we got the first coupe weeks with Jupiter’s trine, this transit will reveal for you how to integrate your insecurities about your identity into your very being, especially in a way that you can reconstruct how you go about your daily life. Instead of going day to day feeling ashamed about who you are, perhaps hiding out in a way to avoid people, holding yourself back, go beyond that and find strength and a way to inspire yourself from your triumphs over those challenges and healing of that hurt in the past.

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