Scorpio Stereotypes

It's your turn, you freaky deaky Scorpios. While you exist in this natural state of freakiness year round, this season brings out the weirdness in all of us. That and, most importantly, it's a time for major personal transformation and evolution. Our souls need it.

From my observations, Scorpios are up there with Gemini as the most shit-talked signs of the zodiac, which all comes from a vast misunderstanding of what ya'll are really up to and other people's inability to handle your intensity. One big reason that people seem to scuttle off in the other direction from you seem to be the argument that you are insufferable control freaks, more so that any of the fixed signs. That and you're just freaks in general that make people side-eye you uncomfortably. Lastly, your trust issues seem to really bother people.

But it's okay, 'cause as usual I am here to give you the benefit of the doubt and explain to the world why you are the way you are, and why it's totally fine and everyone else just needs to deal.

Control freakiness

As I alluded to, Scorpio is a fixed sign, and like all four of the fixed signs, understandably has a tendency to...fixate on stuff. They do not like surprises or unknowable mayhem. They want to know what happened, what's happening, and what's going to happen. Furthermore, Scorpio has a unique depth to its energy. While all the fixed signs share the tendency to want to seriously control their lives, consider this: Scorpio's ruling planet, Pluto, is the planet of life and death--the ultimate controlling factor. Scorpio is naturally fixated on the life/death dichotomy, and thus tends to see all things with that gravity, and is not inclined to leave things up to chance, or potentially death. That includes other people. They have a hard time leaving others to their own devices when they think they have a deeper understanding of what should be done. Like all signs, they can use their gifts in a negative way, and in Scorpio's case that means controlling people out of a selfish motivation to make them do what they want.


To other people this whole energy seems dramatic. Not in the stage production-type way that Leo is dramatic, but in the "Damn, it isn't that big of a deal!" But it's just that they have line of sight into people and situations that not all of us do, so we don't always get it.

My 5-month-old is a Gemini, but his sun is in the Scorpio 8th house, and he has a Scorpio ascendant. He has these very dark blue eyes that not only have depth to their color, but just their overall appearance and energy is as though he's staring into your very soul, which he probably is.

General freakiness

Speaking of Pluto, think about it. It's the furthest planet from the sun, so far out in space that people can't even go there, and who knows what kind of creepy stuff is happening out there. Scorpio's soul purpose is not only understanding the depth of death, but the depth of what we do in life, which means an interest in the weirdest, freakiest shit that humans do that we try to hide away from people, much like Pluto is hidden from people.

What everyone else would rather pretend doesn't exist, Scorpio lives for it. Sex, drugs, rock and roll, and taxes. They get the reputation of being freaky because they're the ones that will actually own up to the reality of the weird stuff, talk about it openly (their sun is shining on it), and the rest of the prudish population is too afraid to. To them this isn't freaky stuff, it's just a normal part of their lives and existence that runs so deep.

Trust no one

With the level of awareness and fixation on life and death, the ultimate controlling force, it's no surprise that Scorpio tends to be generally skeptical af. They are continuously trying to go deeper beneath the surface, and that includes others' representations of the truth. They want to know what's REALLY beneath the words.

Life and death, as a guiding factor for Scorpio, is so raw, so without fakeness, something that cannot be pretended at all, that everything in their life must be on the same level of truth and realness. Their soul wants them to understand the things that other signs would rather avoid, and that includes the raw truth, which most of the time people do not want to own up to, hence Scorpio's constant prodding to reveal it, and hence the stereotype that they don't trust anyone.

In Conclusion

If there is something that elicits that much fear in our lives, we should probably pay close attention to it and figure out why it's making us run away like a dog from a vacuum.

People are so shifty around Scorpio because its energy represents the things that we hide from. That's also why Scorpio is the sign of transformation. Not minor changes, but complete death and rebirth, like the Phoenix rising from the ashes. Often when we confront the stuff we've been hiding in the back of our closest, I mean really confront it and talk to it, it will encourage us to offer ourselves up for that kind of major transformation. We all need to respect what's hiding beneath the surface, and instead of fear it, let it guide us to evolving and becoming the strongest versions of ourselves.