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STARTING A NEW CHAPTER | Astro Bulletin June 4–9

So how’s that mental chatter after the new Moon yesterday? Thinking a lot about what stories you want to re-write in your life? The busy-ness and inspiration will continue to flow this week.

Today and tomorrow we will still feel like a lot is going on emotionally. Mercury may have our feelings scattered all over the place today and tomorrow we’ll feel like we want to really take charge and go forth into our futures with the Mars and North Node influence. Though because these guys are in Cancer, and the crab likes to walk sideways, you might not be taking the direction you thought you would be.

On Wednesday Mercury is moving into Cancer as well, giving us an opportunity to listen to our hearts more closely instead of just our heads. Sounds cheesy, but I mean it. Soon Mercury will be playing off Neptunian and Piscean vibes as well, giving us a magical boost and really opening up the lines of communication to the Universe and higher power. Not everything has to make logical sense.

Venus is finishing her aspects over to our friends in Capricorn, rounding out with a trine to Pluto. Have you been questioning what’s real in your life and what’s fake nonsense? I know I have, and this is why. Allow yourself to ask those questions and reconsider what your values truly are. Being able to solidly identify what’s real now will help you when Venus moves into her next sign on Sunday, airy Gemini, and you can take your new grounded understanding and now use the power of your mind to manifest changes in your life that will make more room for what’s important and less room for the fake BS.

In the meantime, don’t get too comfortable. We have ANOTHER mutable T-square occurring this week as the Sun swoops in to replace Mercury’s spot, opposing Jupiter and squaring Neptune. Both Jupiter and Neptune are the strongholds here, so don’t be surprised if you feel like you’re faltering a little bit and questioning the course of your life. Is your path truly in line with your beliefs and what you feel God is guiding you to do? Or are you separating all of it and living day-to-day one way but knowing that deep down you feel another? Feeling all fragmented like that sucks. What do you need to do to bring all your stuff into intellectual and spiritual alignment? Mind your chakras, my friends. This will be the major theme, as I said, at the end of the week and especially this weekend. Allow yourself to get uncomfortable if necessary to see where things are out of balance so that you can bring everything back together and direct your energy forwards into awesomeness.

On a personal note, I am about one week out from my due date. Should my little Gemini nugget decide to arrive soon (PLEASE, PLEASE!), I might be too busy changing his diaper, my diaper, and working on his latch to write you a horoscope next week. As you know, Gemini is my favorite sign, but right now the changeable and unplannable energy of it all has this fixed Type A gal begging for mercy. Oh well, all in a life’s soul work.

Energy Rx

I have a really new agey one for you this week, friends…a simple meditation practice to align those chakras. Try this in a peaceful space and bring your favorite crystals if you want. Take a few moments to first quiet and calm your energy, then we’re going to start at the bottom. Take three deeeeeep breaths into each chakra, imagining them as centers of white light. If you’re a chakra newbie, don’t worry about the specific energy that each one governs, instead just focus on breathing in that light. As you move up, imagine each chakra as a ball of energy with all of them in perfect vertical alignment. After you finish off with your crown chakra, take a few more deep breaths and allow it all to soak in before you ease yourself back to reality.

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Card Pull

Queen of Swords. The message I’m getting from this card this week is a balance of strength and softness. We should look boldly into our futures and have the confidence and faith to believe we can achieve what we desire. Simultaneously, we should allow ourselves to be cared for along the way. We don’t always know the specific route that will be put in front of us to move into our futures, and we definitely will encounter unexpected roadblocks. But see how the queen is sitting upon a throne with an angel’s face on it? She’s counting on her own innocent reliance on the divine to guide her forward, as should all of us. As children of the divine, we don’t have this whole thing figured out, and it’s imperative that we recognize our own innocence and allow changeability in course.

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