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Starting with FAITH | Astro Bulletin 3/4-3/10

There is some serious STUFF happening this week, so buckle TF up.

First: Mercury retrograde! Omg!  I know, you’ve probably heard of this before, and that’s because it’s something that happens about every three months.  But this week’s cycle is a BIG DEAL.

As of today, Monday, Mercury is stationed (almost still) at 29° Pisces, about to start backtracking tomorrow.  This is the last degree of the entire zodiac… the very end of the line.  We’re being given an opportunity to consider our life in the long term…i.e. what the hell are we doing?  Where the hell are we going?

While Mercury is preparing for his cycle, the Sun will be starting to meet up with Neptune, who is the ruler of Pisces, thus highlighting this spiritual/artsy/unconscious energy that much more.  From my perspective, the shortest summary of this Mercury retrograde cycle, which will last for the next three weeks, is a meeting of the conscious and unconscious mind, the physical being with the soul, and the current existence with the potential existence.  Are you weirded out yet?

About eight or so hours after Mercury officially throws it in reverse, we have a New Moon happening on magical Neptune (calendar day Wednesday).  This New Moon is hella potent not just because of the Neptune aspect and Mercury’s movement, but also the influence of Saturn, who is also very strong right now. 

All of these planetary aspects combined make this New Moon a moment of spiritual awakening to our true life path—and astrologically speaking, what evolutionary process are we starting now that will last throughout the Mercury retrograde cycle?

Though highly spiritual in nature and dealing with some subconscious stuff that we might not have even realized needed to be cleaned up within us, there is a physical reality aspect to the New Moon and the retrograde cycle.  Where have you been lacking faith or connection to higher love and light, and how has that been manifesting in some real observable junk in you life?  So by that logic, how can cultivating faith and connection manifest some real magic instead?

May I also remind everyone that the New Moon isn’t the only start of something on Wednesday.  Uranus officially enters Taurus, where he’ll be for the next seven years.  Taurus is arguably the MOST physical of all the signs, and with Uranus coming up in there at the same time that we’re dealing with all this other consciousness-creates-reality stuff, it’s just another indicator from the Universe that living in denial of what you truly want to manifest AIN’T GOING TO WORK. This is obviously a long-term transit, but it is no mistake that it is beginning right now.  That’s a sign for all of us that we need to begin the work now to follow our soul’s calling.

Thursday as the Moon swims out of Pisces and into Aries, her connection to Chiron again is a chance for us to see our insecurities and where we need to drop everything and work on ourselves NOW, again in the way that is truest to our path and what we feel called to do in our life from a high divinely connected level.

External expectations, “shoulds,” and obligations that make us feel like shit are DONE.

Friday and Saturday we should have a nice little burst of energy, as we often do when the Moon transits through Aries.  Into Sunday the Moon will be meeting up with and passing Uranus into Taurus, motivating us to want to find some of those physical comforts in our lives.  It would be a great day to treat yo’self, not only because you should remind yourself of what your standard is for nice things in your life, but also because self-care is going to be a requirement through the rest of this Mercury retrograde transit.

Energy Rx

A fantastic way to merge the consciousness with the physical reality is journaling, taking your thoughts and putting them to paper.  Here's your very straightforward prompt this week:

Where do I lack faith in myself and my abilities? Where do I lack faith in the Universe's provision along my course? How has this manifested in undesirable things in my  life?

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