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Taurus Stereotypes

Here it is! The final installment of my sun sign stereotype series. In true Taurean fashion, we're going to mark the end of this journey by mightily sticking our flag in the ground and not ever moving it again.

The #1 allegation against Taurus is that they're a stubborn ass: completely immovable and inflexible and everyone around them has given up trying to change them. They also get called out for being indulgent and obsessed with "fancy" or otherwise "nice" things. But not everything is so negative: people also know that Taurus is hella dependable and will always be there when you need them.

Taurus is among the fixed signs, so of course they're going to be stubborn. There's really no beating around the bush on this one. Also, their symbol is the bull, who doesn't necessarily want to get up and explore other options any time soon, because they're perfectly comfortable lounging in this little patch of grass, thank you. But in their defense, Taurus's flavor of stubbornness isn't from an unhinged ego that thinks they're right about everything (I see you, Aries), but rather, in my estimation, it's how their soul likes to maintain safety and homeostasis.

They are driven by the need to feel secure and strapped in, and anything that asks them to venture too far from their pasture that they know and love is going to make them uncomfortable and prone to digging in their heels. While some signs feel alive through adventure and the unknown, and that's wonderful for them, Taurus thrives with predictability.

This sign is ruled by the beautiful planet Venus, and different than Venus in her Libran aspect, Venus in Taurus is much more about rich physical beauty. Think about this: The sun enters this sign during the middle of spring, when nature is in bloom and at the peak of beauty. Taurus, an earth sign, is attuned to beautiful and physically oriented things. They not only get their kicks by maintaining a known environment, but that environment has to look and feel nice too.

Big Venus energy, amirite? (Yes, Christina Hendricks is actually a Taurus)

They could love fine wine and cuisine, sumptuous home decorating, could be really militant when it comes to the exact temperature on the thermostat, or have their manicurist on speed dial for emergency "self-care" appointments. Depending on how their whole chart looks, someone with Taurus energy could even be a bit of a hoarder, insulating themselves with stacks of physical stuff they're too attached to to get rid of. Their soul just needs physical comforts.

Besides how Taurus creates their own comfort, they can often provide the best comfort to people around them, because they have such a steady and devoted energy. Whereas other signs tend to jump from one thing to another and can be perceived as unreliable, Taurus is loyal and doesn't like to give up. Because of Tarus's fixed nature, when you need them, you'll usually know how to find them. Furthermore, Venus is still the planet of relationships and love, so Taurus thinks those things are v. important.

In Conclusion

When everything around you seems like its moving too fast and you can't find something to hold onto, lean into the area of your life that Taurus rules in your chart to root into something safe and steady. It will show you where there really IS beauty. Also, never underestimate the power that comes from getting outside and taking in the sights and feelings of nature -- you may find answers and real comfort there that you thought otherwise wasn't available.

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