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THE FUTURE IS NOW | Astro Bulletin April 22–28

Happy Monday, my friends!  Today as the Sun makes its conjunction to wack-a-doodle Uranus, we may find ourselves staring far into the future with a sense of creativity. And if we are resisting such a staring contest, the Universe might just unleash something bizarre on us anyway. As human beings, we naturally desire freedom, and these two planets, along with the other stuff going on in the cosmos, are helping us to see the potential of freeing ourselves from a lifestyle that we deem is holding us down.  Remember that Uranus is the sky god in mythology, so this planet urges us to aim that high without limit.  We could absolutely feel restless the first few days of the week as the Sun passes over Uranus and the Moon passes through adventure-seeking Sagittarius, but let that restless feeling act as fuel to your fire to live in your future now, not later.  And I'll explain what I mean by that in a minute. Saturn and the South Node are also in a conjunction this week.  The structures and limits we’ve set up for ourselves about our, again, future trajectory and what could be are being looked at critically and are up for revising. With Venus and Chiron’s interaction at the beginning of the week as well, our values about who we are and how we define ourselves in the context of our goals (I'm awesome. Yes, I can! vs. I suck. No, I cannot!) are being brought to light.  Because a lot of this is happening in the cardinal signs, there is more of that emphasis on moving forward and figuring out what the future looks like.   But here's the thing:  The trap with “the future” and the tendency we have to futurize everything (When I get x, I can finally do y, and I’ll feel z) is that we can never actually have a grip on the future because it’s… the future.  Time is nothing but a series of now moments strung together, and the now moment is the only one you can touch.  The secret to creating your future is to live it in now, now, now—one now moment at a time. Remember that we are in Taurus season, and among other things, Taurus wants to enjoy the beauty and luxuries of the current moment. We get Taurus season in the middle of spring, when everything is at its most beautiful and is in bloom and smells awesome.  Listen in to the lessons that Taurus wants to teach us about the enjoyment of the beauty of now, and find that beauty in YOUR life now.  It’s there, I promise, and when you start paying attention to it, it grows.  Let this cornerstone of the season be your guiding light as you navigate the other challenges that come up. By the end of the week, the Sun is moving off Uranus, but the Moon will be entering the sign of Aquarius, so this sense of emoting into what the future holds will absolutely continue.  With the sweet and emotional Moon being in the sign of the zodiac’s intellectual superiority a-hole (I’m allowed to say that because I am an Aquarius Moon), there’s the tendency to overthink e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g rather than relying on your intuition to flow and trusting your emotional body.  You can’t pick apart and hyper plan your entire future, even though you want to when it’s getting a really annoyingly bright headlight shined on it like it is this week.  The Moon being in this space also squares the Sun, so we are in this conflict of the more physical Taurean desire to stop and enjoy life now and the mental Aquarian desire to think and figure things out.  How about finding a way to bring these two ideas together?  How can we re-wire our minds to believe in what is before us instead of getting lost in the weeds of how, why, and when?  I would encourage everyone to find some sort of enjoyable physical activity this weekend and be present in that moment, believe that THAT is what’s real, and the BEAUTY of what you’re doing is what’s true. I personally plan on re-planting my flowerbeds this weekend.  Well, by that I mean sitting in the sun, smelling them, and directing my husband on where to plant them because my very pregnant self is not about to bend over a flowerbed right now. So what’s the most beautiful thing in your now?

Energy Rx

Sit down and create some beauty in your space. Light a candle, grab a crystal, put on some music, whatever. Then make a list of 10 beautiful things in your now. It could be physical things like the scent of the candle, or it could be something else that you’re grateful for, like a family member. This is a really good practice to get into on a regular basis, even if you’re just listing things in your mind and not necessarily writing them down.

Card Pull

Celebration, cherishing the blessings that you have before you now. What did I just say, you guys? Not only are we encouraged to be mindful of and appreciate the beauty before us now, but we should be throwing it a party. Take on the attitude of DAMN, how lucky am I?! Look at the bounty and love in my life, look what I’ve been blessed with. Hooray! There is so much brightness in this card as well, and as we are in the middle of spring, we should be living in that brightness as much as possible. Symbolically and physically if you can, because sunshine is good for the soul.

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