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Time & Saturn

The other day as I was taking a mental inventory of my life for the 49397835th time in recent months, the planet Saturn entered my mind. Something that I love about commencing a study in astrology is that as you continue to live your own life, you unfurl greater understanding of all the characters of astrology through the transits.

I’m sure I’ve written before on my personal chart’s complicated dealings with this planet. With my sun/moon/Venus in Aquarius and Mercury/Uranus/Neptune/Saturn/MC in Capricorn, Saturn squaring my AC and trining my chart ruler, the ringed mafioso has a lot to say about my life course, for better or worse. But this article is only (partly) about me.

Saturn has been in retrograde since May 10 and will go direct on September 28. Since the end of 2017, Saturn has been hiking through its home sign of Capricorn, which is already a powerful energy by itself, but with Pluto also there, it’s been even more potent. It had a brief trip into Aquarius end of March through June, but has been back in Capricorn ever since. It recently has been making some other aspects that have really sucked in a lot of ways, but in this article I intend to take more of a bird’s eye philosophical view of just Saturn himself and the ways that he’s been speaking to me lately.

Controlling time

Saturn is the ruler of time and all the implications of time. Putting in work for something over the course of time and waiting for the result; thinking you deserve something and then encountering delays in getting it; taking responsibility for things because you realize you’re running out of time; learning what deserves your time investment; making time commitments to other people; you get the picture.

My astrological hero, The Leo King, talked in great depth about humanity’s skewed perception of time in his program The Age of Deception. In this video he details the history of our calendar systems, but rather than reciting his research, just think about the wild artificiality of the Gregorian calendar system and its attempt to completely separate human beings from the rhythm of planet earth.

Instead of starting a new year with the spring season and the newness that the earth is giving us, the new year starts dead ass in the middle of winter. The start of the seasons as they occur according to solstices and equinoxes start on random days in the middle of the months. In our human attempt to control and define time the way we want, we constructed this bizarre 12-month system that doesn’t even match up with the earth’s cycles, so we have to adjust it with leap years.

How have you tried to control and define time in your life? What do you think needs to happen now, but something else absolutely cannot happen now? Are you listening to someone else’s idea of time and what it’s supposed to mean to you? Where do you have a restricted view of time?

To stretch this discussion in the other direction, I’ve also been thinking a lot about my grandfather lately. He died in a commercial plane crash in 1951 on which he was the copilot. My mother was only 4 years old and my grandmother was pregnant with my uncle at the time. This tragic event that happened nearly 70 years ago has felt even closer in time to me recently because when it happened, my grandfather was only 35 years old, and I’m approaching 32 myself, so I feel an even greater kinship with him. The thought of being taken away from my spouse and my son all of a sudden before I realized all my hopes and dreams is really disturbing and makes me think about the finite nature of my on time.

So to turn it around on you again, what activities do you think you have all the time in the world to do, but you might not? Where do you have an overgenerous view of time?

Maybe you think you should have gotten to the next level if your life by now, at this time. Maybe you’ve been holding off on doing something because you think something else needs to be done first. Maybe you’ve become complacent with something that sucks because the time isn’t right to fix it.

There’s no one single answer for everyone in every circumstance, but all of it is really worth thinking critically about.

Going backwards

As I mentioned, Saturn has been in retrograde, during which I can confidently say everyone is angry at time. Time in the present as people are forced into lockdown, time in the future that seems very unsure, time in the past that you’re running through in your mind regretting because it led you to something you don’t like. Wtf are you supposed to do right now when someone else seems to be running your show, telling you what you may and may not do with your own time? At the beginning of this whole COVID mess, there was someone else deciding whose time at work (another theme of Saturn) has value or not, “essential” or not.

Time’s planet has been moving in reverse for four months, and time is only supposed to go forward, isn’t it? Nothing has been making sense!

Well, maybe it’s because we need to make a new sense out of it. Maybe we need to create a new calendar system for ourselves.

Things need to be re-prioritized in a couple different ways: One, and most obviously, what’s most important and should receive more of our time? Two, what’s the longterm view of all of our endeavors? How long will we dedicate our efforts to something before we decide it’s time to end it? How long will we give ourselves to improve or grow something instead of setting an unreasonable deadline?

In conclusion

So with that litany of questions, I offer my final quip that I’ve been cooking up while writing this article: Maybe it’s really time for you to take some time to think about your time.

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