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VALUE, DECISIONS, & UNEVEN GROUND | Astro Bulletin April 8–14

Updated: Apr 8, 2019

Happy Monday again, my friend! This week has some weirdo stuff going on in the astrology, so I hope you’re ready to just go with it and see what happens.

We still have some heavy Piscean energy this week as Venus and Mercury are making their way through the watery depths. Mercury is still in shadow all week, meaning he’s still visiting the areas of our lives that we have been called to address the past few weeks, asking for release, surrender, and faith that the Universe has this figured out just fine, thanks.

On top of Mercury, Venus is also transiting through Pisces, making an exact conjunction to Neptune on Wednesday. We’re noticing and enjoying the dreamiest and most spiritual of beauty around us, as well as recognizing that beauty that exists within us, i.e. what makes our soul beautiful that doesn’t require a perfect contour and sassy outfit. We’re being aided in discovering our worth that is completely outside the physical realm and the demands of human life, but because of Saturn’s involvement, we can see how that belief in ourselves (or lack thereof) is affecting in our waking lives. Though the Moon is doing some weird stuff to Saturn on Wednesday, so it could be a strange day of trying to figure out exactly where your footing is. The planet Jupiter is also going retrograde that day, so we could all have a moment of “Damn, I have the worst luck,” or general confusion about your place in the world and what the meaning of life is. Yikes.

Hint: The best way to cultivate true belief in yourself and your ability to succeed on your path is to remember where you actually get your worth from, and it’s not from your degree or promotions at work. Your status as a divinely created being, made this exact way with these exact gifts, is what makes you inherently valuable and awesome. Hold onto that truth when the human world seems to be going berserk—your worth and deservedness to be abundantly provided for does not change depending on external madness, you just have to stay faithful that you can navigate the terrain and grow from it.

Venus and Neptune will still be hanging around each other through the rest of the week before separating more into the weekend. The Moon will move along into her home sign of Cancer on Thursday, giving us extra insight and intuitive understanding of what the heck we’re doing here and why we’ve been asked to edit whichever part of our lives came back with red marks all over it.

Friday could be a taxing day for us too, tbh. The Sun and Moon are not only making a square, causing us to feel like we want to charge off one direction in life but our feelings are holding us back, but this aspect is occurring right with the Nodes AND Pluto AND Saturn, adding weight and seriousness to that feeling of OMG, where the eff am I going?!

On this day the Moon is showing us where we couldgo, where our soul is calling us to go, that we already know deep down inside anyways. But we can clearly see our past pulling at us, reminding us it’s there. It’s this irritating tug-of-war that is demanding we make a freakin’ decision of which way we’re going to go and how we’re going to define ourselves from here on out. Are you going to continue to bop along the safer route that you know and can line up the parts and pieces very clearly for, or are you willing to dive a little bit into the unknown because you know there’s something in there that’s calling us? When you make that decision to trust your intuition and go towards something new, you’re setting into motion the power to transform and change so you can shed the layers and become person ready to accept the new.

Of course that kind of change is not comfortable or easy, but it’s 110% necessary to get to the next level in your life.

This weekend the Sun will still be making those tough aspects, so we’re still going to be challenged by those decisions and definitions. Plus with a Leo Moon, it’s all about the authentic self. I’m cautioning a guess that you know your authentic self wouldn’t settle for old tradition for the sake of safety, even if you’re still gathering up all the guts to take the plunge into something else. Being your authentic self and boldly following a path that seems crazy to everyone else is scary af and can get you an onslaught of criticism and BS from others (and yourself really). It’s okay to be scared and take baby steps sometimes, stopping to wipe your brow and eat a cookie to recover. Especially this week when our footing might seem unsure and so much is being asked of us, have grace and patience for yourself if you’re freaking out a little bit. But then just close your eyes, plug your nose, and f-ing DIVE IN. You might be surprised how well you can swim.

Card Pull

With the questions this week of where we stand, the pressure to step forward into a new life that seems like it could be impossible, and the tests to our faith, the tarot is advising us to prioritize cultivating emotional security and safety this week within ourselves  as the outside world seems bananas.  By finding something to place our trust in, we can remain stable.  Sure, it could be a relationship or friendship of some kind by looking at the trio of women on this card, but I really think that we can find that feeling of safety by reflecting on our own strengths and triumphs—our greatest moments and best qualities, when we were our own hero.  Hanging onto that security and safety from within means we are much more equipped to navigate what's going on on the outside.

Energy Rx

This is my very favorite crystal for keeping negativity at bay. Because we might feel a little off and nerve-racked about where our life is going, it’s too easy to let the negative thoughts and panic set in. This stone is awesome at protecting you from all that stuff, and it can help you feel like a strong warrior in your own life. Keep it close this week and feel its protective and strengthening powers!

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