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Venus & Juno: A Love Story

Updated: Aug 1, 2019

It’s emotional Cancer month, and I’m three weeks postpartum, so here I am writing corny love stuff. Sorry I ain’t sorry right now.

In the birth chart, Venus is one of the first placements we look at to get a thumbnail sketch of someone’s love energy. Of course we know that Venus is the goddess of love, so her planet is going to hold all that lovey-dovey stuff. She is also representative of our feminine energy, how we RECEIVE, how we attract people and things, and what we are attracted to. Check out someone’s Venus to get an idea of what kind of person they might want to date.

Juno on the other hand isn’t interested in dating for sport. She’s an asteroid named after the wife of Jupiter (the Roman god-in-chief, otherwise known as Zeus in Greek mythology) who is the goddess of marriage and childbirth. She’s wise enough to know that the person who really lights your romantic fire isn’t necessarily the one who would make a good partner or spouse in the long term. It’s like the nice girl who perpetually goes after the “bad boys” who have emotional or substance abuse problems to offer her instead of a reliable, mutually uplifting relationship. Her Venus and Juno are asking for very different things.

THIS VIDEO by True Brilliance, one of my favorite astro people on YouTube, gives a great explanation of Juno.

So now that we know that there are two distinct bodies governing our relationships (along with everything else in our chart), the idea is to find a partner that somehow fulfills both of these points—even if they’re in very different places.

I’m going to use myself and my hubby as an example of what happens when both Venus and Juno are being fulfilled in a relationship. See? I told you this was going to be corny.

My Venus sits in Aquarius along with my sun and moon. Being an air sign, I’m attracted to people on the mental plane who I can talk endlessly to. Being a fixed sign, I like someone constant and reliable that I can count on—the “chase” or whatever it is the kids do is absolutely not for me. Also, because Aquarius has a uniqueness and weirdness to its energy, I like people who are different in some way. That’s just a very short summary of what this placement does.

But then there’s my Juno, who is actually in an aspect called a quincunx to my Venus—different modality and incompatible element. She sits in mutable, earthy Virgo. Whereas Venus wants to talk, exchange ideas, and philosophize about the world and what she thinks is wrong with it (Aquarius is a bit of an intellectual snob, okay?), Juno is way more grounded and wants to focus on what’s physical and real. She’s thinking about all the essential things that are required to keep life going. Virgo is the sign of the harvest, so we can appreciate how she’s more interested in important things like food and work.

So what am I to do? I need someone different and weird yet totally down to earth and reasonable? Someone who will push the intellectual envelope but also is fully attached to reality?

Well, besides the fact that my hubby is a Gemini and everyone knows that’s my favorite sign, he also hits both of these points. Mercurial in the airy, chatty, mischievous Gemini sense, and also Mercurial in the detail-oriented, daily life sense with his Virgo ascendant. He’s definitely different—his small town upbringing is a total contrast with my childhood in Phoenix and gave him a physical (and moral) look that I didn’t find anywhere in the city. He’s also five inches shorter than me—unexpected and nonconformist in the true Aquarian sense. Juno’s happy because he’s not only literally blue collar in a work sense, but his understanding of how life works is based on manifested reality and reason, not abstract thought.

Looking at our chart synastry, he not only shares his ascendant with my Juno in Virgo, but HIS Juno conjuncts my Venus. I.e. the type of gal that is best suited as a long-term partner for him is the type of gal that I am as an attractor and feminine being. So for him, he needs someone like me as his long-term partner. Lucky me!

My point is not only to carry on about my cool husband with little cartoon hearts coming out of my eyes, but also to carry on about how cool astrology is when you look at people’s charts in the context of how their real life has unfolded, with this case study showing how someone’s Venus and Juno placements show up in their marriage partner.

If you want to find out more about what YOUR chart reveals about relationships and the qualities you both WANT and SHOULD BE seeking in a partner, I’d love to do a reading for you and spill the tea. My reading reports include a whole section on relationship stuff that can shed some new light on that area of your life. If that sounds fun, go HERE to order one!

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