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Virgo & Pisces as the Human & Spiritual Self

Across the Sky

On the wonderful wheel of the zodiac, the signs of Virgo and Pisces oppose each other. Like all sign pairings that are in opposition, there’s a special relationship between them and we can learn a lot about our experience by studying this relationship.

At first glance, these two signs and their energies seem so different that we couldn’t possibly find a connection. Virgo is all about physical reality: work that needs to be done, taking care of our health, making sure other people have what they need, getting into a good responsible routine. Pisces, on the other hand, is about what can’t be seen: spiritual connections, messages delivered through art, becoming one with the Universe, and what exists beyond the earthly plane.

What an unlikely pair these two are. And the thing about oppositions is sometimes one side gets weighted heavier than the other, and you go back and forth putting little marbles on either side of the scale until you find the perfect middle ground of balance.

One or the Other?

As human beings, we have our own opposition within us: our humanity and our spirituality. And like an astrological opposition, these energetic buckets are often very unevenly filled. Just think about how the two are portrayed in the imagery of media or social platforms.

There’s women on Instagram with shockingly enormous followings of “fans” who post a monotonous stream of pouty selfies and somehow companies are paying them to shill their weight loss tea, face creams, or who knows what else. There’s the dark side of human desire and consumption of physical things.

But then there’s people going on there talking about how they’re so spiritual and a-l-i-g-n-e-d because they live on a banana farm, only eat raw vegan food, spend eight hours a day in meditation, and have completely disengaged with evil capitalism, but still suspiciously have iPhones and a WiFi connection. It's not helpful to completely demonize modern humanness either.

Neither Virgo nor Pisces is better than the other, and they need each other to exist. Virgo needs Pisces to look above the daily grind and remember that there’s something greater in life, and Pisces needs Virgo to bring it back down to earth and reality. Our identities are both human and spiritual. We have bodies and souls. We have work to do and prayers to say. We desire nice things and spiritual fulfillment. Isn’t it possible to bring both of these parts of ourselves into alignment without having to live on a banana farm?

If you’re a person who believes in God like me, you might believe that you were zipped up into this particular human suit and dropped into this particular experience with these particular desires for a reason, and it’s part of your journey to decide which desires deserve to be honored. There’s nothing inherently unspiritual in wanting a new Michael Kors purse; just ask yourself if you want it as some sort of compensation for your lack of spiritual fulfillment and purpose.

It’s not easy to bring these two areas into that elusive alignment, especially when they seem so irreconcilable and marketing companies and people are trying to appeal to one in judgment of the other. Instead of sitting on one side of the teeter-totter, dare to walk towards the middle and find the balance between the two. That’s what an opposition in astrology is meant to teach us anyway: finding a way to bring the two energies together. In this case, how our spiritual self guides our physical reality, and how our physical reality can be used to experience our spiritual self.

How to Live Humanly & Spiritually

So how do you do both? The human and the soul don’t have to exist separately in your life depending on whether you made it to your meditation chair this morning.

Do this: Find spirituality and divinity in the smallest human moments.

Virgo, being a Mercury-ruled sign, is concerned about the smaller details of our human existence, like our daily routine. Pisces, in its mutable water and Neptunian form, is shapeless and can flow in anywhere. So when you’re doing your Virgo stuff during the day, let that water in and connect with God. When you get the coffee poured in the morning, instead of chugging it as quickly as possible while it lights your throat on fire, trying to get that caffeine rush while wondering why someone hasn’t commercialized an intravenous route of coffee yet, give thanks for the coffee beans. When you go outside, actually feel the warmth of the sun of your sign and envision yourself being warmed by the light of the divine itself. When someone makes you laugh, know that the divine has given you that moment of humor to heal you and make you feel awesome. If you have a partner that loves you, be appreciative that God is showing you love through that person.

Combine the seen human experience with the unseen presence of God, and you’ll start to feel much more aligned to a greater purpose in your previously mundane, everyday life.

All right, church is dismissed for now, but let the divine follow you home, because it lives there just as much as it does at the chapel.

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