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Virgo Stereotypes

Our Virgo friends are no strangers to astrological shit-talking. Maybe some of it is because Virgo month happens as the season is starting to melt from summer to fall, and nobody likes cold weather or even the suggestion of cold weather, or maybe that’s just me and my own personal problem.

Either way, this blog is another episode of debunking—or at least justifying—stereotypes about a sign. This time it’s Virgo in the hot seat.

So what do people say about the sixth sign of the zodiac wheel?

They’re nitpicky a-holes

This is always the first insult thrown against Virgo. People say they’re perfectionists and always projecting that perfectionism on other people to the point where we’re all just like, “Leave me alone in my squalor in peace, please!!”

Virgo, like Gemini, is ruled by the sign of Mercury. Mercury is the fastest moving planet rocketing around the sun, and as such he’s observing and processing all the tiny details. In airy Gemini’s case, this results in a quick intellect. In earthy Virgo’s case, it means they are noticing everything around them physically, which they’ll want to find a way to improve, and they’ll get stressed out if stuff is in chaos.

This sign also holds a service type of energy. As the sign of the harvest, Virgo is gathering the wheat to feed the community, so they’re just trying to do the right thing for everyone. It’s not that they’re just trying to judge people by pointing out their flaws in a mean way, it’s that they’re trying to help everyone become better as part of their service. It just might come across a little brash sometimes, because they're so "down-to-earth" and tuned into reality that they aren't going to mince their words.

They’re health nuts

Virgo is a very grown-up sign. I already told you about the whole harvest thing, but another part of that is the responsibility aspect of diligently harvesting the field and processing that harvest. Virgo energy is mindful of the daily responsibilities that we all have, but don’t necessarily like to think about too much, including our health. Daily health habits are Virgo matters such as diet, exercise, and taking our vitamins. Zzzzz.

Virgo knows that they need to be in the best shape possible to get the work done required to feed the people, so they’re making sure to take care of their human suits. Their Mercury rulership also has a role in this—they’re mindful of small details like the food they eat and their exercise plan because they know that all these things will add up to a holistically healthy life.

They work too much

The sign of service isn’t going to just sit around on their ass while everyone else gets the work done. Especially because they already know each item that needs to be done ten steps ahead of everyone else, and they probably can do a better job. They also know that the harvest isn’t going to prepare itself and none of us will have food to eat if someone doesn’t get out there.

Virgo is definitely not slaving away just because they want a paycheck, rather it’s because they are inspired by this sense of responsibility to themselves and the group to complete any task put before them. My brother-in-law is a Virgo and is one of the hardest working and most dedicated people I know. Dude will get in there and outwork anyone until the job gets done, and he gets hella annoyed when other people don’t share the same work ethic. My husband also has a Virgo ascendant and everyone always assumes he’s going to finish the job and has everything under control, which he does. And while I’m going down this track, my 3-month-old has a Virgo moon, so I can’t wait to see how that’s going to manifest as he gets older.

So as you can see, our Virgo friends aren’t here to just tell us everything that’s wrong with us, judge us for drinking full-fat milk, or make us look bad at work. Their soul is simply guiding them towards a life of mindfulness and service to the community, and they’re on the right track if they’re honoring that guidance. We can learn a lot from Virgo about how to really be aware of our physical world and to take care of it, because it matters just as much as our intellectual or spiritual worlds. We can learn to find purpose and fulfillment in the daily life, because the now moment is all we have to hold onto.

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