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Welcome Back

I’ve started this article a few times, each opening line less witty and cute than the less, but I need to just break the hiatus ice.

Each citizen of the globe has undoubtedly experienced this recent … situation in their own unique way. Despite the catastrophizing and groupthink that the worthless media wants to impart on you, a global pandemic is not just something that experienced globally. Each individual is having their own experiences in their personal lives that have taken them for a ride lately.

I have plenty of ideas for some juicy blogs I want to write on some more specific astrological and cultural matters, but for now, this one is just about me.

Saturn, whose bitch I have been my entire life, drifted into Aquarius to meet my natal Venus, and has now retrograded back into its home sign of Capricorn where it, along with Pluto and Jupiter, are stomping on my natal Mercury like it’s grapes. Chiron is exactly conjunct my rising point. Uranus is also conjunct my natal Mars. To put it simply, I have been questioning everything that is important to me, every thought pattern that has gotten me to this point, every larger spiritual belief that I’ve been relying on, my very identity, and what the damn point of it all is.

All these transits have manifested in a peaking out of my postpartum depression and anxiety, my editing business shutting down thanks to the pandemic, and general emotional malaise and confusion.

Thus I’ve been avoiding blogging and especially more ghastly forms of social media, like YouTube and Instagram.

But with that whiny preface out of the way, my point is I want to start using my atrophying creative muscles again and pop up a blog from time to time, when my now-walking kiddo and household duties aren’t requiring my time. I genuinely love writing and at the risk of sounding like the same old Aquarius with an intellectual superiority complex, I think some of what I have to say is worth saying, especially in the age when anybody with a blue checkmark on Twitter is considered a great and learned scholar of sociology.

My sarcasm and passive aggressive takes on modernity aren’t dead, people. I’m so glad to be back!

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