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"What's true and what's BS?" --Jupiter Rx

For any readers who are still newbies when it comes astrology, I’ll start off with a very basic FYI. I’m sure you’ve heard of the notorious “Mercury retrograde” cycles where our speaking and communicating can go wonky, our travel plans can get screwed up, and our technology can take an unexpected shit. Well, Mercury is not the only planet that goes what we call retrograde, which is really just how we perceive its movement from here on earth based on the difference in our orbit speeds.

Yesterday our big happy planet Jupiter threw it in reverse and is going to be in retrograde until August. Of the approximate year he spends in each sign, he spends about 9 months in a direct motion and 4 months in a retrograde motion, so this is not as short-lived as the 3-week Mercury retrograde cycles. He’s further away from us and, unlike Mercury, doesn’t govern day-to-day activities, so his cycles doesn’t necessarily feel like a sudden punch in the face, but he is still slowly bringing some things to our attention.

Jupiter as a planet is the biggest mofo in the solar system, named after the Roman god. The Greek equivalent of Jupiter is Zeus. He’s the sky god and the king of all the gods. When we consider the planet’s size as well as the mythological namesake, we start to see the immense size of Jupiter’s energy. He’s just a big guy.

So what big things does Jupiter govern in our life? Philosophy, religion, and our general worldview for starters. Those are bigthings to wrap one’s brain around or articulate, wouldn’t you say? He also has the ability to just expand anything he touches, be that our knowledge, abundance, or the life lesson put before us. He generally offers an optimistic, positive, lucky energy.

As the king of the gods, Jupiter is here to govern and teach us things. It’s all an attempt to, again, expand our own perception of the world’s truth and what’s possible in our lives.

He is the modern ruler of the sign of Sagittarius, so by understanding Jupiter’s desire to expand our perceptions and pour optimism into our cups, you can understand the bombastic, adventurous, and thrill-seeking nature of Sagittarius types, and also why you may have those inclinations yourself in a certain area of your life depending on where Sagittarius or Jupiter are in your chart.

So now knowing what the Leo King fabulously calls Uncle Jupe’s role in the universe and our lives, what is he up to with this retrograde cycle?

Well, for starters, he’s retrograding in his home sign of Sagittarius, so it will be a more significant transit due to the very focused energy here. When a planet retrogrades, we internalize its energy, so for the next four months we’re going to be internalizing Jupiter’s inquisitive and expansive nature.

We’re going to have to pause and say, “Wait, what was it I believed again? Does that even make sense anymore?”

What were previously strongly held convictions may seem murky or confusing as you start to reminisce about your life, your experiences, and the wisdom you’ve been gaining. How do those things affect what you think about the world and your place in it? Has something changed your view?

You know how when you’re a teenager and you think you know everything about everything and then you wake up when you’re 30 and it’s like HA, yeah, wasn’t I an idiot? I know nothing about nothing.

During this transit, we can’t count on the external world to clear it up for us. To use an obvious example, your philosophy professor isn’t going to make it clear for you—you’re going to have to ponder it yourself and perhaps face some uncomfortable realities that the world is not what you thought it was, what someone else told you it was, and further, what you want to get out of the world isn’t the same either.

We need to be willing to shift our perceptions and refine our lives to give in greater accordance with our evolving beliefs.

Sagittarius is a mutable sign, after all, and mutable energy is not stagnant and stuck. So we can’t be either.

If Jupiter drove a car, he’d have a bumper sticker that says something like “Life is an Adventure” (as well as one of those COEXIST ones with all the symbols of the world’s religions, of course). Part of adventuring is the certainty of the unknown and being open to experiencing the unknown. We need to apply this kind of flexibility to our own lives and wake up to the fact that we don’t have this whole freakin’ thing figured out, and evolution is part of the process.

By getting out of our own way and being open to the lessons that the universe, and Jupiter specifically, has to teach us, we can expand parts of our consciousness that we didn’t even know were there, not only leading us closer to that point of the whole enlightenment thing, but also letting us live much more awesome, positive, and aligned lives along the way, doing the things that really light our souls on fire and feel completely like us.

So be mindful over these next months about what beliefs you’re being asked to shift and where your life can come into greater alignment with them.

And to end on a hella cheesy (but true) note, I encourage you to practice a little faith and trust and Jupiterian optimism that there is infinite wonder and amazement waiting just for you... if you open up and let it in.

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