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WHAT’S YOUR NEW FOUNDATION? | Astro Bulletin May 20–May 26

I don’t know about you, but I came off that Scorpio Full Moon last week feeling…funky. Wanting to hibernate and hide from the noise of the world and stay hidden in my house. We all are going to continue to process the stuff that that Full Moon brought to light for us this week. It’s a week of receiving information, thinking about our futures, and deciding what kind of new foundation we want to create for our lives.

Today, Monday, is the last day of Taurus before Gemini season begins tomorrow. Everyone knows that Gemini is my all-time favorite sign of the zodiac, so I want to throw a party. Also, every passing day is one day closer to meeting my little cookie that’s due June 12, so that’s worth celebrating! And this year’s progression into Gemini month is extra Mercurial, as the Sun and Mercury are going to hold hands and enter the sign together. Having these two together is bringing more information to light, helping us to see more details of the situation that we’re in and the best way to make it into something brilliant. The Moon’s position over Jupiter is also adding a big energy to this mix—we want to feel what’s real. We are determined to further clear out the beliefs and things in our life that aren’t us anymore so that our futures are unhindered.

So, yeah, don’t be surprised if today and the next few days you’re extra busy about the mind.

This week we also will be experiencing a cardinal square between Mars and Chiron that feels like it might be pulling us in weird directions. And as if we needed more happening on Tuesday, the Moon will be aspecting Mars and Chiron in what we call a T-square, adding yet a third cardinal direction to consider. What is the bottom line of all this planetary mayhem? We are trying to move our lives in a direction that feels most real to us on the deepest of levels, a direction that we feel intuitively guided to and we know is what is meant for us, but we’re still a little insecure about whether or not we can really do it or whether or not we have the confidence in the Universe to pursue it without tangible results that we can see right now. Don’t feel bad about it; we’re humans and we like to see the evidence in front of us so that we know we’re on the right track. However, the lesson we are to learn from this is that we need to find that kind of encouragement from a divine source that doesn’t always communicate in the exact kind of tangibles that we think we need. Listen to the information that you are receiving for guidance and encouragement to know what steps to take next.

By the way, in addition to this square, Mars is also going to be making a sextile to Uranus this week at the same time. The muddy combination of Taurus and Cancer wants to show us how to mold our lives—and ourselves—into the version that can live that life. It’s okay to take some risks to do that if you’re being sparked with an idea that seems a little crazy, but that it could work. That divine inspiration is there to help you break out of your shell and get to the next level.

All these transits are helping us to clarify our futures instead of wandering aimlessly waiting for an owl to drop a letter on our doorstep “Hey, this is what you should be working on.” Yes, I am a Harry Potter fan.

At the end of this week, we’re still going to be working through this directional challenge and figuring out what is really meant for us, and emotionally it could feel a little rough and heavy. This is real. It is your life, and it’s up to you what you want to do with it, so do take it seriously.

Friday and into the weekend the Moon will enter the arena in its transit through Aquarius, providing a further challenge to us in the form of “Is any of this even practical?” We might feel simultaneously stubborn that we think we know everything already about how the Universe works, but we are also yearning for a new perspective. Allow the mutable and flexible power of Gemini to soften your stubbornness and need to know everything, for things have an odd way of working out when you release your grip. On a personal note, that last sentence is a really great summary of why I, an Aquarius, really benefit from being married to my Gemini husband.

We’ll end our week on Sunday with a softer Pisces Moon plus the Sun making a sextile to Chiron. These mutable energies are definitely helpful in releasing the grip, though can also tend to feel a bit confusing sometimes. We’ll appreciate the healing light of the Sun on Chiron’s insecure energy, helping us to see a new perspective on how we are stronger because of our experiences and triumphs. The divine helps us to feel the truth of our futures, the emotional identity of what it is we are meant for, even if it’s unexpected by our human minds…are you willing to trust?

Energy Rx

What better way to celebrate the start of communicative Gemini month than by some journaling? Write a letter to your version of a higher power—God, Universe, Spirit, etc. In this letter, be completely vulnerable and ask for specific encouragement and clarity that you feel you need to take the next steps. Then end the letter by expressing your faith and gratitude that the information you need will be revealed to you in whatever form the divine deems best.

Card Pull

Page of Swords. I love this card for the start of Gemini month—it really possesses the vibrant, airy, mutable nature of the sign. We’re being asked to really take advantage of that Gemini energy this week by allowing ourselves to be flexible and see where the wind blows us. See the movement in the background of this card? We need to permit ourselves to move and experience fresh ways of thinking. The Page is out to learn something new, and so are we. Tap into your innocence and release yourself to a power beyond yourself to be taught and guided.

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