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Why do you want it? | Astro Bulletin 2/18-2/24

Today is the beginning of the end...cue the R.E.M. song.  Just kidding—kind of.  But actually Monday evening the Sun will enter the sign of Pisces, the 12th sign of the zodiac, marking the end of another cycle before we start over again with the first day of Spring and sign number one, Aries (I. can’t. wait. for. winter. to. end!!).   

We’ll be commencing this dreamy, creamy Pisces energy this week with our minds really trying to make sense of our spirituality and what the idea of “God” means to us in a physical and practical sense.  Where we can identify the physical experiences and achievements we know we desire, we need to remember to integrate faith into the process to get there.  Nobody ever got nothin’ by saying “Yeah, I want the thing and I’ll try to get it, but I don’t really believe I can have it.”

Speaking of the physical sense, we have a Full Moon on Tuesday this week in the sign of Virgo. This places a big emphasis on our physical experiences—the details we observe in our day-to-day lives and our bodies themselves.  These things will be illuminated.  And as with all Full Moons, the emotions will be high. Watch yourself though—don’t become too self-critical of everything that you think isn’t good enough in your life or on your person.  Especially because of the Moon’s funky aspect to Chiron here, we want to be sure that we are remembering that our continuous self-improvement is simply a necessary part of living and helping us; it’s not a reason to erect a billboard listing all the reasons that we suck for the world to see. Instead, use this as an opportunity for release.

Moving through the week, Venus will be starting to conjunct Pluto while continuing her conversation with Mercury.  Our deep, uncensored desires could be poking at us this week, but not just for temptation’s sake.  Instead it’s like what’s the spiritual reason you have this urge? Take this clichéd example:  If you’ve always strictly dated investment bankers and lawyers, and yet your kind of dirty, shaggy-haired, and tattooed neighbor is looking pretty damn good with his bass guitar over there, do you need to re-evaluate what your real goals and priorities are in a relationship? Looks-good-on-paper financial stability or art and exploration?  

As an angsty teen, I used to love emo boys (sigh) and still hope that one day my husband will throw some eyeliner on just so I can see it.  Not that it would go with his Wranglers, but…

But perhaps it’s time to change priorities, as we know that Pluto is good at changing stuff in a major way.  Be prepared for some huge shifts in the area of not only relationships, but everything that you hold nearest and dearest. Don’t be afraid, though… this kind of change is always for the best as it knocks out the BS that is in your way so you can build something even better.

With the Moon slithering through Scorpio this weekend and that Venus/Pluto conjunction being exact, we really will be given a chance to be vulnerable with ourselves and feel into the places within that have perhaps ignored for a while.  This kind of water energy is deep and intuitive, and again there’s an emphasis on the spirituality of it all.  What do all these shifting priorities and uncovering of desires mean on a soul level?  Are we willing to admit to it and take risks for the sake of our soul’s journey?

Energy Rx

With so much dreamy and pensive water this week swirling around our beings, we need to get some stuff on paper and make sense of it all.

Journaling Prompt: What kind energy do you desire in your everyday life?  Where do you feel it is lacking and why?  What rules have you been playing by instead of your own?

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