A natal chart reading will give you a glimpse into your inner workings that is unlike anything you've ever seen, offering a mind-blowing answer to the question, "Why am I like this?!"


In your Soul Snapshot report, you will discover the cosmic illustration of the amazing intricate energies of your persona, what gifts you have to share with the world, what the ultimate destination is that your soul is craving, and much more.



Your reading will be delivered to you in your email as a PDF document within ONE WEEK of placing your order.


Areas covered in your written report include:


✳︎ PERSONALITY OVERVIEW: diving into the deeper reasons that you are the way you are and how you’ve evolved over the years

✳︎ WORK STUFF: the kind of career that resonates with you most and how you position your work in your life

✳︎ RELATIONSHIP STUFF: what kind of partner you are attracted to and what kind of partner you are

✳︎GIFTS: your natural blessings and how you can take advantage of them

✳︎SOUL CALLING: what your soul is craving for you to learn and accomplish in this life

✳︎LESSONS: what you need to work on improving and overcoming


This isn’t a cookbook copy-and-paste astrology reading ("Sun in Virgo means this.  Moon in Leo means this.  Mars square Pluto means this..." None of that!). Each report is written especially for the unique individual to highlight the energies within their chart.


To look at a sample report, go HERE.



When ordering your reading, you'll be asked to fill out the forms asking for your name, birthday, birth time, and birth location.  I need these details not because I'm a creepy stalker, but this is how I draw up your chart.  If there's a specific question you'd like me to answer in the reading, you can also put it in this field.

NOTE: The check-out process will ask you for a shipping address.  I don't use this info for anything, but my web provider makes me collect it to complete the purchase.


I'll also need your email address so I can send you your reading when it's done.


Within ONE WEEK of your order, I'll send you your PDF report.  Hooray!



Soul Snapshot

  • I am not a psychologist or mental health professional, so I have to tell you that all astrological readings are intended for entertainment purposes only.  They are meant to augment your self-development journey and are not a substitute for medical and mental health treatment. Please don't sue me.

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